Randy Gardner’s viewpoint:

New Year Has Started with

Some Great Football Games

Randy Gardner

Randy Gardner

                           By Randy Gardner

At certain times of the year, columns are very easy because there is so much happening in the world of sports and this is that time of the year. Who cannot say that this past weekend wasn’t an awesome football weekend. The games were games that had you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end.

I was rooting for Kansas City to move on but an unfortunate penalty at the ending ruined their hopes.

How bad do you feel for that offensive lineman to have a   holding penalty called on him to take back a two-point conversion to tie a playoff game at home to take the game into overtime.

These are events in a professional players life that can change their careers. Sometimes for the better sometimes for the worst. A player can either use this as motivation for next year or let this get into his head and negatively affect him for years to come. Unfortunately, it wasn’t KC’s year.

As far as college football, it was the exact same way. The National Championship game was an incredible one this year. It seemed like the country was split right down the middle with who they wanted to win. I always root for the underdog in any sport, that is why I was pulling for Clemson. It was really cool to see the team come back and win like that against powerful Alabama, the best team of the decade. This is what makes sports incredible.

     New Year’s Resolution on Exercising?

Are you keeping your New Years Resolution? I have already let mine fall apart. It has only been about two weeks and I have not exercised once. It is a shame but I fall into the category of most of those who made a resolution. I feel bad but life gets in the way. Should it, no way, especially when it comes to taking care of yourself.

You can find time to watch your favorite TV show or check Facebook but cannot take the same 30 minutes to do something good for yourself. When will we learn. It’s amazing, that we can feel so much better about ourselves both mentally and physically when we exercise, but we’ve become to complacent to actually do it. Then we all sit around and wish that we looked like a model that we see in a magazine or look like our sports hero. It is not going to happen sitting on our backsides just hoping and maybe praying that we will look and feel better.

Broke my rule about yelling at another coach

I know I talk a lot about parents and coaches losing their minds and yelling at players and refs. This weekend I fell into that category and I hated it. I found myself yelling at the other coach, for a good reason about playing dirty, but I did not feel good about myself after the game. I coach to pass the knowledge of the game onto the youth not to berate coaches on the other team.

I was ashamed of myself. I don’t want my players to get hurt but acting like an idiot models bad behavior for the kids on my teams. I made a promise to myself over the weekend that this will not happen again, I will not be that yelling idiot. I will handle it in a different way.

To any coach or parent who sees themselves in this message, think about it the way I did. Make it your resolution. Care and promote but don’t go over the edge with negativity.

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