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3rd Pre-Season Game In Dallas Could Tell Us A lot About the Rams

By Randy Gardner

Wow, what a difference a week makes with the Rams, one week they get their butts handed to them, the next week they are the butt kickers. I know this is preseason and almost everyone I talked to last week said same old Rams but this week the tone is so different.

I am very high on the Jeff Fisher train, this guy’s demeanor and winning record gives us an edge I think right now and for the future. He even hinted that the first week of the preseason he held a lot back and will implement more each week till it’s the regular season.

I think Coach Fisher  has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

We will see though, there are a lot of teams around the league that look really good.

I am so curious to see what they will do against the Cowboys this weekend in their environment. This will be a great test for them. This is a crucial year for this team and this franchise as the fork in the road is staring us in the face. The fans are either going to step up and support this team or turn their backs on them. I don’t think they have the 3-5 years that most coaches have to turn around a franchise. I think Fisher  can do it.

Kids Need to Make Right Decisions

I talk to kids in high school and college all the time, along with the kids I coach. I tell them, that one wrong decision can change your life forever. One thing that you say can do it too. If you are watching the news right now, you can see how statement can affect an individual and their life. If you are a parent reading this right now, make this a firsthand effort to talk to your kids about this concept, whether it is drinking and driving or making fun of someone at school. One thing that is said or done in an instant can change the lives of many people instantaneously, this can happen both negatively and positively.

I also stress that one right move or going that extra mile when you think no one is looking can change your life in a positive manner. Other people are watching every move you make. They make their own decisions and thoughts about you from the outside actions that you take.

Look at Wally Pipp, he was the baseball player that sat out a day from a game because he didn’t feel well and Lou Gehrig stepped in and played and Wally never got back in the lineup. The moral of the story is that sometimes failure and success are just a step away. Be on top of your game every day. Make good decisions and be the best person you can be every day.

Looking back at this column now and reading it from a 3rd person point of view, I am turning into an old man reflecting on issues that I thought were reserved for older individuals. I guess you  can never be too young to learn lessons in life.

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