Belichek and Musial Are at Opposite Ends Of the Class Spectrum

By Randy Gardner

What a weekend for football.  The NFL championship games lived up to every moment of the hype and you know how much I love when the underdog wins and they basically won in both games.

But one aspect that I want to talk about is the antics of Bill Belichek of the Patriots. After the loss, he would not talk to the press. I understand being upset and angry but every coach and player in the league should know that it is part of their responsibility as a professional to give credit to the other team. The Patriots should because they just got outplayed by the Ravens. That’s a simple fact. Give credit where credit is due. Don’t act like an arrogant idiot and pull these stunts.

He is a good coach but a sore loser. What a great example for the athletes of the younger generation.

Looking ahead to the Super Bowl, I will say that the Ravens wil hand it to the 49ers.  It’s the battle of the  the Harbaugh brothers are at the helm of both teams.

Missed an Interview with Stan

What a sad weekend though as Stan the Man Musial passed away. There are so many dedications and memorials for him here in St. Louis but I think this should be a National Memorial. Stan did so much for the game of baseball including records that should stand out over  the facts of  others and the recent steroids and drugging issues in MLB.

With all of the athletes that I have been fortunate to sit down and talk with in an interview during my career. Stan was not one of them. I was able to meet him at several events and say hi in passing but never a sit down face to face. I regret that. He was a great player and a great man to boot. He was apparently signing autographs through his foundation almost to  the end. He will be missed here in St. Louis and especially on opening day. When people think baseball in St. Louis, Stan is the name that comes to everybody’s mind.

Hockey Fans Came Back in Droves

Now that hockey is back, I don’t think the fans are one bit mad. You could not look around a lot of arenaS at an NHL game and find an empty seat. That goes for the St. Louis Blues too as they put on quit a show in their home opener against the Red Wings. It was a scoring display. Looking at other games around the league, the arenas were sold out also.

I think the strike might have helped the game in a way. Don’t know how or why but it might have. With the shortened season, every game will mean a bit more so I expect more fights and a much more physical league.  I am so looking forward to the next few months and the playoff run.  I’m going out on the limb and say the Blues will win the Stanley Cup!

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