Can the Kurt Warner Story Be Repeated?

**Randy Gardner photo**By Randy Gardner

Can I start by saying, here we go again? By that, I mean the Rams are the unluckiest team in the league; they cannot catch a break. Thinking on the positive side could this be another Kurt Warner story because the pre-season events seem just the same. A lot of the similarities hold true all the way down to the direction that the team was going when the injury happened.

Since Sam Bradford has arrived it has been nothing but disappointment and injury.

I really think the unstableness at the quarterback position has caused a decline in the fan base. Stay with me. The Rams really do not have a solid leader and the fans really have no one that they can call their hero.

At first, I think people were really mad at Bradford at first over the past few years but now they’re starting to feel sorry for him. I love the close ups of Fisher during the game as he looks on after the injuries, it’s always the look of what the heck am I going to do now. The reason that I say the Kurt Warner story is that I think Shawn Hill looks season ready even if Bradford wasn’t hurt. Hill has great pocket awareness and command of the game. I honestly think that this could be that hero in the rough that the franchise has needed for years to bring the fans back. We will have to wait and see though; I might be eating my words.

Rams Provide Great Gesture to F-F Players

On the other hand, a great gesture by Jeff Fisher and the Rams as they brought all three Ferguson Florissant high schools out to use the Rams facilities for practice because of school not being in session. The high schoolers had a chance to practice and then hang out with the Rams players. These are the kinds of things that the Rams can do to bring a positive spin to the community. These will be memories that those kids will never forget. How cool would it be for one of those teams to win the state championship? McCluer South-Berkeley pulled off an upset last Saturday.

Even For 1st Graders, There are Life Lessons

A quick story about what I basically preach to everyone in my daily life. It is about being humble and taking the good with the bad. This story truly puts it into perspective. My 1st grade soccer team played in a soccer tournament last week and they won their 1st game 15-0. It could have been 20 or 30 but had to pull them back. I told them act like gentlemen and show respect.

After the game, they were already planning two games ahead to the finals and what the trophies looked like. I told them life is about giving effort to your fullest in everything you do. On Sunday we had the semifinal game and guess what. We got blown out 11-0 by a team that we had beaten twice last year. What a life lesson the boys learned on that day. Hopefully they will remember this for the rest of their lives. Never take anything for granted

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