Can U.S. Soccer Team Keep Momentum Up Against Portugal?

**Randy Gardner photo**By Randy Gardner

Everyone knows that I am a huge soccer fan but when the World Cup comes around I turn into a fanatic and Monday I sat and watched something that I will never forget. That is the biggest win in world history for the United States beating Ghana 2-1 in a match that everyone thought they would lose.

I had barely sat down and Clint Dempsey scored less than a minute in the game. What a way to start the game but the team did not play physical enough and they gave way to much space and it cost them as Ghana scored late in the game.

You could see it coming the entire second half as the team looked tired but miracles happen as the United States scored late in the match. What a win for the United States as Portugal lost and lost a key player to a red card. Do we have a chance against Portugal on Sunday? Maybe, but it was a huge step forward for American soccer beating Ghana.

This was more than just a big win it could be a life lesson for all of us. With the odds stacked against them, nobody thought the U.S. team could do it. For the past four years they have been told this and they overcame the odds and won. If we all took this kind of persevere attitude the world would be a better place. You have to believe in yourself in everything you do that is what seems to be lacking for many in the world of today.. Be patient and work hard and success will come

Speaking of soccer, I had to have one of the hardest conversations that I have ever had to have. That was a conversation about my oldest son being cut from a select team. This was his first time trying out and didn’t know what to expect.

Unfortunately yesterday he got the news that he did not make the team, I actually got the email and then had to share it with him. I have never seen him more devastated, what do you say as a father in this moment. I shared all the experiences of me being cut through the years from teams and my biggest cut being from playing pro soccer, a dream that came to an end way to soon.

None of that mattered to him. I hope this propels him to be in the move to be better and not hold him back.

With NHL hockey and NBA basketball over, baseball will have center stage in pro sports for the next two months. Our Cardinals are starting to get timely hitting to go with their top notch pitching staff and perhaps are ready to make a big run on the Brewers before the All-Star break.

Usually as it heats up into the 90s like it has this week, the Red Birds heat up also. The rest of the summer should be fun following the hometown team as they try to make a fourth straight trip to the National League Championship Series.

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