Candidates, Ballot Issues

The candidates and issues on the April 3 ballot are shown below. Your ballot will vary, depending on where you live.

City of Black Jack

Ward 1 Donald Krank (unopposed)

Ward 2 Sandra K. Muller (unopposed)

Ward 3 Arnold Hinkle

Leo Simmons

Ward 4 Benjamin T. Allen, Sr. (unopposed)

City of Florissant

Ward 1 Tim Lee (unopposed)

Ward 3 Joseph P. Eagan (unopposed)

Ward 5 Keith Schildroth (unopposed)

Ward 7 Karen McKay- incumbent

Jackie (Bond) Pagano

Ward 9 Ben Hernandez – incumbent

Mike Bober

Proposition 1: Shall the City of Florissant, Missouri partially amend Section 3.3 (Qualification of members) of the City Charter to change the residency requirement for Council members when residency in a ward is changed by redistricting, and to read as set forth below?

Each member of the Council shall be a registered voter of the City and shall have been a resident of the ward from which  elected or the area constituting such ward for at least one year immediately prior to the election unless a persons residency in the ward was changed as a result of redistricting under Section 1.4 of the City Charter and that persons residency has not changed for a least one year prior to the election.

Proposition 2: Shall the City of Florissant, Missouri amend Section 12.7 (Tie vote) of the City Charter to make the Charter language consistent with State Election laws, and to read as set forth below? If two or more candidates receive an equal and the highest number of votes for the same office, another election between the candidates so tied shall be held at the next date available under the law.

Proposition 3: Shall the City of Florissant, Missouri partially amend Section 12.8 (Vacancies in elected offices) of the City Charter to make the Charter language consistent with State Election laws, and to read as set forth below?

If a vacancy shall occur in any elected office more than one hundred eighty (180) days prior to the expiration of the term of said office, the Council shall, with ten (10) days after the occurrence of such vacancy, call an election to fill said office for the unexpired term thereof.  Such election shall be held at the next election date available under the law following the occurrence of the vacancy and shall be conducted in the same manner as provided for regular elections.

Proposition A: Shall the City of Florissant annex the area adjacent to it as described in the legal description and map contained in the Boundary Commissions Summary of Decision, Commission Number BC1001, known as the Area 13 Annexation Area?

City of Hazelwood

Mayor: Matthew G. Robinson (unopposed)

Ferguson Florissant School Board (vote for 2)

Brian Scott Ebert

Paul Schroeder -incumbent

Barbara Morris

Hazelwood School Board (vote for 2)

Mark Behlmann-incumbent

Keith L. Boykin, Sr.

Desiree D. Whitlock-incumbent

St. Louis County Proposition S

St. Louis County is requesting voters to approve general obligation bonds in the amount of $100 million to construct a new family court facility for $90 million and make improvements to the St. Louis County Civil Court building for $10 million. The passage of Proposition S will not increase taxes. The current general obligation bonds approved by the voters in 1998 will be retired in 18 months. The new bonds will take the place of the retiring bonds. Court officials say the current 40-year old facilities are deemed inefficient due to unsafe environments, do not meet fire codes and violate state law by not providing separate areas for alleged perpetrators and victims. They were not built to accommodate the current electronic equipment and new improved, hazard-free air conditioning/ heating units. Current costs to maintain the building exceed $750,000 a year.

It is anticipated the maintenance costs of the new facilities will be less as major repairs will be unnecessary.

Family Court Building staff are situation in variety of locations due to lack of space in the current facility. Caseloads have increased dramatically to 103,000 in 2010 from 23,500 in 1970.

The Civil Court Building will be renovated to accommodate adequate electrical systems and make the facility safer.

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