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Doing What You Have to Do Sometimes Has its Moments

A Boomer’s JournalTom Anselm pg 2 (run color this tgime)

by Tom Anselm

We haven’t always been this well-off. I have my tongue tucked slightly in my cheek when I say this, because by U.S standards, we are anything but well-off. But ya know, we have food to eat and we can pay our bills, and with my pension and both the lovely Jill and I getting our Social Security, we should be better off than the majority of the world. (Wow! Just writing that makes us seem ancient, but that’s a story for another day.)

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Far From the Madding Crowd: A Verdant, Ripe Adaptation

by Sandra Olmsted

Reversals of fortunes and marriage proposals abound in director Thomas Vinterberg’s adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowds. Yet, the film is not a Victorian romantic comedy.

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Who’s To Blame For Sports Injuries?

**Randy Gardner photo**By Randy Gardner

What a way to start off the week by losing one of the cornerstones of the Cardinals pitching group, Adam Wainwright.

It looked like such a simple play as he left the batter’s box after a short hit. This in my mind goes back to players who train specific parts of their body for specific sports and forget about the rest of their body.

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Movie Reviews

New Movies, Old Moves: 3 Classic Hollywood War/Romance Films

           by Sandra Olmsted

Several of the films this spring display an interesting development. As the audience has shifted from solely the 17-34 year old male demographic, filmmakers have adapted Classic Hollywood filmmaking styles to lure other audiences into the theaters. The baby boomers, retirees, and empty nesters go to the movies more, a trend documented in varies trade journals over the past several years. To appeal to this demographic, the best filmmakers have successfully selected a unique combination of strong classic narratives, magical realism, cerebral storytelling, stylish special effects, wide audience appeal, and lofty themes.

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It’s Yet Another BBQ Place in STL that The Dining Divas Love

The Dining Divas

**Lisa Kampeter photo** revisedBy Lisa Kampeter

I’m always excited when we find a new restaurant that’s delicious, down to earth, and affordable, and the Dining Divas discovered another in the U-City loop area at Salt and Smoke.   The sign out front says it’s barbecue, beer, and bourbon, and that means…it’s good eating.

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A Rap to Spring, And Other Things

A Boomer’s Journal

By Tom Anselm

Tom Anselm pg 2 (run color this tgime)   A quick review of recent columns seems to show

That my tone’s been kinda serious ‘bout stuff, ya know.

So here’s my humble effort to change up these things

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