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A Boomer’s Journal

Is the New Technology in Schools The New Normal?

By Tom Anselm

Tom Amsel. pg 2jpgSo schools are back in full swing, which means I am also back into the wonderful world of substitute teaching. I retired from teaching in 2010, and took a very brief respite from the classroom life. Not being the guy with any real skills, like home repair or woodworking or even a love of yard work (yuck!), I was quickly out of things to do around the house after cleaning out the garage and a few other odds and ends. Hey, I can paint, which is actually what I will do after I write this note. But I learned long ago to turn to the professionals when it comes to cars, plumbing, and electricity.

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2016 Olympics Taught Life Lessons

Olympics Had Something For Everyone, But For Me Of Course, It Was Soccer

By Randy Gardner

**Randy Gardner photo**How was the Olympic experience for you? It seemed like everyone I talked to was glued to the TV for two weeks watching the Olympic games. No matter if you like sports or not, there was something for everyone.

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Relax with 2016 Summer Olympics

Watching Olympics is Awesome;

Putting Them On is Unbelievable

By Randy Gardner

**Randy Gardner photo**It is hard to believe that the Olympics only happen once every four years. In that time you can go through high school, you can go through college, or you can raise a child and almost get them into kindergarten.

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HS Softball and Soccer Openers

McCluer North Boys Soccer, Girls

Softball Opens With Tournaments

By Jim Wieners

Tournaments will open the 2016 Fall season for McCluer North Boys Soccer and Girls Softball teams.

McCluer North Boys Soccer will be in the Fort Zumwalt North Tournament to begin 2016. The Stars will play in Pool A and the first two games will take place at Fort Zumwalt East, beginning Aug. 20 with an 11 a.m. game against Fort Zumwalt West then return Aug. 23 with a 6 p.m. game against Zumwalt East. McCluer North wraps up the tournament Pool A play Aug. 24, 5 p.m. at Lutheran-St. Charles County.

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End of Summer Movie Reviews

Dog Days of Summer Movie Recap

by Sandra Olmsted

Although, according to the calendar and the path of the sun, summer continues until Sept. 21, the return of the students to classrooms and the days getting shorter mean that another summer is waning. Happily there are lots of movies in theaters now, and here is a recap of recent films.

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2016 High School Football Season Openers

Hazelwood Central, East, McCluer

North Have Repeat Football Openers

By Jim Wieners

It seems very familiar for Hazelwood Central, Hazelwood East and McCluer North to open the 2016 High School Football season with the same opponent they opened with in 2014 and 2015.

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