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A Boomer’s Journal:

Tom Anselm with granddaugher overlooking  the thousands of American flags

Tom Anselm with granddaughter overlooking the thousands of American flags on Art Hill in Forest Park

Bittersweet Events on Art

Hill…Remembering 9-11

Tom Amsel. pg 2jpgBy Tom Anselm

As we walked onto the red, white and blue display on Art Hill in Forest Park, we heard a soft tinkling sound. It was as if tiny bells were chiming, randomly, constantly. American flags, 6,868 of them, were waving gently on this warm early-September morning. Each one symbolized a fallen member of the US Military, men and women from every branch who had given the ultimate sacrifice in wars since that fate-filled day of September 11, 2001.

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Randy Gardner:

Randy GardnerThere were Many ‘Closet’

Fans Watching the Rams

By Randy Gardner

I know you might not want to hear about it but I am going to write about it anyway. That was a big win for the LA Rams. Don’t say you didn’t watch it, I know many here did., more than the tv ratings showed.

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Living Football Season

Without the Rams, Try A High School Game

By Randy Gardner

You never want to wish nothing but the best for most but there are some that you say, what comes around goes around and this is where the Rams sit in my book. That statement leans towards Stan Kroenke. What I have been hearing from almost everybody is that this is the same old Rams franchise just in a different city.

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Hazelwood West Does Well in Softball and Swimming

Hazelwood West Starts 4-0 In Softball;

Qualifies Freestyle Swimmer For State

By Jim Wieners

Labor Day, Sept. 5, has come and gone but Hazelwood West enjoyed what has happened before Labor Day in two sports teams.

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North County Fall Football

Hazelwood Central, Trinity, Lutheran North Each Starts 3-0

By Jim Wieners

Pre-Labor Day starts for five North County High School Football teams are unbeaten as each starts 3-0 including Hazelwood Central, Trinity Catholic and Lutheran North.

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A Boomer’s Journal

Is the New Technology in Schools The New Normal?

By Tom Anselm

Tom Amsel. pg 2jpgSo schools are back in full swing, which means I am also back into the wonderful world of substitute teaching. I retired from teaching in 2010, and took a very brief respite from the classroom life. Not being the guy with any real skills, like home repair or woodworking or even a love of yard work (yuck!), I was quickly out of things to do around the house after cleaning out the garage and a few other odds and ends. Hey, I can paint, which is actually what I will do after I write this note. But I learned long ago to turn to the professionals when it comes to cars, plumbing, and electricity.

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