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Halloween Rituals Have Changed

Mr. Fuddy-duddy Longs for Yesteryear’s Halloween

   By Tom Anselm

Tom Amsel. pg 2jpgLike most holidays in our post-modern society, Halloween has become very complicated. There are elaborate and ghoulish haunted houses, Six Flags Fright Fest, full blown retail-outlets with aisle upon aisle of spooky paraphernalia and every conceivable costume known to man and zombies. And the gruesomeness-meter hits ‘tilt’ in every neighborhood with a yard display that makes “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” look like “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.” And so at the risk of sounding like Mr. Fuddy-duddy, I gotta say this just ain’t right.

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Oscar Tavares Shows That Today is a Gift; Tomorrow is Uncertain

**Randy Gardner photo**By Randy Gardner

I always talk about life being short and living every day to its fullest, but we rarely stop and think about that statement until something happens like the death of Oscar Tavares. I didn’t realize that so many people were predicting that he would be a great ball player and hitter, like Albert Pujols.

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Rams Give Us a Wild Ride; Mike Matheny Still the Right Guy For Manager

**Randy Gardner photo**By Randy Gardner

On Sunday afternoon I was preparing to get my column ready by talking about the domination of the Seahawks by the Rams. Then by halftime, I was changing the script. By the end of the game I was going to write the same old column, the Rams blow another one.

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Interview with Brian Fletcher

Former Ferguson Mayor Continues Crusade to Promote City’s Virtues

By Tom Anselm

If ever there was a guy who is bullish on the future of Ferguson, it would have to be Brian Fletcher. The Independent News recently talked with the former mayor of that city. He is currently spear-heading the extensive activities of the “I (Heart) Ferguson Committee”. This organization has risen in prominence as an enterprise that has reached 16 countries and 42 states with sales of its yard signs, coffee mugs, cozies, tee shirts and other items emblazoned with the committee’s signature logo. Sales may be the wrong word to use here, since all items are acquired through donation.

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Maybe the Rams Could Learn From the Cardinals

**Randy Gardner photo**By Randy Gardner

I was so excited to sit and watch the Rams on the national stage on Monday night. I gave the kids a bath, did the dishes, and sat with a bowl of ice cream. I was in heaven.

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A Boomer’s Journal

Being an ‘Elder’ Has


Over Those Both

Younger and Older

By Tom AnselmTom Amsel. pg 2jpg

I am the oldest person in our immediate family, both sides. The Senior Member, so to speak. You may recall that Medicare and I became fast friends about ten months ago. And for the most part, it has been an amicable relationship. I don’t really need any supplemental plans, thank the Good Lord Above. Things are generally going well. One can only take it one day at a time, however, especially since my last birthday put me square into the ranks of “Elderly”, according to US Government parlance.

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