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Boomer’s Journal Reflects on Moments

Boomer’s Journal

It is These Moments That We Remember

By Tom Anselm

tom-amsel-pg-2jpgIt happened on this same day, Oct. 27, five years ago. Game 6 of the World Series. St. Louis Cardinals versus Texas Rangers, who were up three games to two on us

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Trinity Girls Volleyball Doing Well

Trinity Volleyball Seeks District 3-Peat

By Jim Wieners

Since moving from Class Three to Class Two a coupe of years ago Trinity Catholic Girls Volleyball has won two straight district titles.

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Should St. Louis Root for the Cubbies?

Maybe It’s Time We All Rooted For the Cubbies

By Randy Gardner

Randy GardnerI am going to ask you a question that I thought I never would, but are you rooting for the Cubs during the playoffs? Come on, be honest. I think you actually are deep down inside, even if on the surface you say “no.” At least I am.

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Good Remake of Birth of a Nation

Re-Birth of a Nation Allows Director,

Writer-Actor Nate Parker to Control Film

By Sandra Olmsted

Say Birth of a Nation and anyone who has had a film studies class will think D.W. Griffith ’s racist film that was also Hollywood’s first block buster and used innovative filmmaking techniques. Well, writer, director, and star Nate Parker is turning that thinking on its head by appropriating the title of Griffith’s film.

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Three North County Football Teams Unbeaten

Hazelwood Central, Trinity, McCluer So.-Berkeley

Football Still Unbeaten

  By Jim Wieners


Three North County High School Football teams are unbeaten through eight weeks and will now seek top seeds in district playoffs after this Friday, Oct. 14, and Saturday, Oct. 15, in week nine.

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Family History According to Boomer

A Boomer’s Journal

The Importance of Family History

Tom Amsel. pg 2jpgI used to really enjoy listening to my mom and dad tell of their family history, of growing up, the times they shared. As I write this today, I don’t think I really got enough of that, and I miss the opportunity to ask them about one person or another, one event or another.

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