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Hip Hop Family Night

‘Family Night’ Wraps Up Summer Camp at Eagan Center

Story and photos by

Nichole Richardson

hip ho group shot pg 1   The James J. Eagan Center held its annual “Summer Camp Family Night” on Tuesday, July 12 to celebrate the ending of another successful camp year. Boys and girls danced to songs displaying this year’s chosen theme of “A Night of Hip Hop.”   The theme was voted on by counselors during the training week and introduced to campers the first week of camp. Presenters included Mayor Tom Schneider and assistant camp director Nick Stroot.

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A Boomer’s Journal

Generations Mold History,

and History Returns the Favor

Tom Amsel

A child is born in New Jersey, one minute after

midnight, January 1, 1946.

She is the first of what would be later referred to as a “Boomer”.

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Wizard of Oz Opens Season on a High Note


Rainbow Sets Scene For Great

Opening Night at the Muny

By Pat Lindsey

Muny Opens Season

   Follow the Yellow Brick Road

As the summer downpour tapered to a drizzle on opening night at The Muny Monday, a rainbow appeared in the sky over Forest Park. It seemed like an omen of what was the come—an extraordinary opening night of “The Wizard of Oz” and The Muny’s 98th season.

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TEAM Food Pantry Celebrates 30 Years

      Seeks Volunteers,  Donations and Money

     Story and Photos by Nichole Richardson

Florissant’s local food pantry, TEAM, of the Emergency Assistance Ministry, is celebrating its 30-year anniversary and looking for volunteers to help them serve the Florissant and Hazelwood.

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Remember the Fields of Dreams

RecallingTom Amsel North County CYC Baseball

“The one constant, through all the years, Ray, has been baseball.”

So said James Earl Jones as Terrence Mann in the iconic film “Field of Dreams.”

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Mystery Trippers Discover Surprising

Treasures in Old Town, Florissant

   Story and photos by Pat Lindsey

A year ago, I invited a group of friends to go on a monthly mystery trip with me. I explained that these would be local day trips to places that were entertaining, educational, and inexpensive, if possible, and an outstanding place for lunch would be essential to every trip. To my astonishment, I received 12 positive replies, so the mystery trip group was formed and a tentative calendar was sent to each member.

To date, we’ve had two Illinois trips, one day in St. Charles, one day in Hermann, MO, a trip to West County, and several trips to various parts of St. Louis City. As I ran my daily errands around Florissant, it seemed only natural that one of our day trips should be the beautiful Valley of Flowers.

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