Dining Divas: Out Of the Kitchen But Into The Kitchen Sink

The Dining Divas

By Lisa Kampeter

Of all the Dining Divas articles I’ve written throughout the years, this was the easiest to compose.  What makes this strange is that I wasn’t even in attendance for the dinner.  So how do you write an article about a dining experience with a group of ladies when you’re absent?  It’s called history.

History says that the Colorful Diva showed up late but entertained the table with her constant need to explain herself to everyone else regarding just about everything she does.  From what I’m told, she was in rare form this evening, even telling the owner of the restaurant, Anthony from the Kitchen Sink, that she was proud of him for what he has done with his business.  The Dining Divas had tried to go to the Kitchen Sink before, now located in the Central West End at the corner of Union and Pershing, but the restaurant had to be closed down.  Business was so good that Anthony had to move to a bigger location.

History will repeat itself as everyone in the group spent the evening chatting and laughing, reconfirming what I say every time.  The Dining Divas is not about the food.  It’s about the group and the camaraderie.

And history reminds me that you can always count on this group.  For a good laugh.  For straightforward advice.  And for much needed support.

It did not surprise me when at the last minute I had to let everyone know that I wouldn’t be able to attend and without the chance to give them all the details for why, that this group gathered together and all prayed for my family.  What a feeling of comfort knowing they had my special intention in mind as they broke bread together.  And it was no surprise when the Compassionate Diva and the Social Diva offered to deliver dinner as my family awaited good news.  During this month of gratitude, I’m so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful group.

Know that even though I was only there in spirit, the Dining Divas made sure to give me good feedback.  The Kitchen Sink serves Creole/diner food, mainly sandwiches.  Actually, this family-owned restaurant claims almost everything is on their menu…except the kitchen sink.

The Restaurant-Experienced Diva was so impressed with the place she couldn’t wait to tell me how good it was, and she rarely lets me know what she thinks of the places the Divas have tried.   We had a few Newcomer Divas that really loved their experience and the restaurant as well.    Some found it odd when the owner gave the group a private tour of his party room (circa 1904) in the adjacent building.  Guess he realized just how much of a party it is with these ladies!

As the On-Time Divas awaited the arrival of the group, the waitress gave them tasty corn fritters on the house.  The Fledgling Divas shared the Art Hill Nachos with deep fried jalapenos and pepper jack cheese.  It served up the heat but not with too much fire.  Even after making its way around the table, there were still plenty to share.

Kitchen Sink’s version of a Sloppy Joe is called the Billy Joel but it’s made with ground turkey.  Even with the turkey, don’t consider it a healthy option.  As a matter of fact, if you’re looking for healthier choices, you may want to look elsewhere than the Kitchen Sink.  The Special Ed Sandwich made with beef brisket, cheese, and red cabbage coleslaw made the Picky Diva happy.  The First-Timer Diva enjoyed the Forest Park Club with white cheddar cheese and spicy mayo, but the pepper on the bacon was a little overwhelming.

The Daring Diva tried the I.D.K., which is perfect for people who can’t make up their minds (I.D.K. stands for “I don’t know”).  The chef makes up whatever he wants.  This meal comes with a “no refunds” disclaimer.  But what an adventurous choice this Diva made, and no refund would even have been considered.  She was surprised to be served a salmon salad sandwich with a side of dirty rice and blackened shrimp.  It was not anything she would have ordered had she known, but she’s glad she got it.  It was delicious.

The owner checked-in to make sure everyone enjoyed their meals and decided to deliver to the table dessert waffles with strawberry & chocolate sauce drizzled on top.  Several in the group had ordered the sweet potato fries previously, and they were sweet enough for dessert.  But the waffles were a delicious gesture and another reason to like the Kitchen Sink.

Fortunately, the Kitchen Sink is thriving and open for business every day of the week so I will definitely get a taste for myself.  I can guarantee it won’t be as great as it would have been with the Dining Divas.  Companionships make everything better.  But history says I won’t be disappointed.

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