Dining Divas visit Market Pub House in U.City




Sports and Steaks Make a Good Combination for the Dining Divas


  I always feel this way after a Dining Divas outing.  The restaurant may be typical but the Dining Divas are spectacular.  It’s not the place or the food.  It’s the group.  This month was no exception.


Our restaurant of choice was the Market Pub House on Delmar in University City.  Upon arrival, we were excited to see the friendly bartender proudly wearing a smile and his St. Louis Blues hat.  He had plenty of good suggestions regarding the menu and the restaurant and didn’t show an ounce of bitterness that his beloved Blues still weren’t playing hockey.  That shows class in this Diva’s book.


Market Pub House is your typical sports bar.  Lots of TV monitors.  Lots of sports memorabilia.  And being in University City, lots of diverse people.  That’s what I love about that area.


We envied the Destination Diva as she shared with us her adventures in Tuscany.  We weren’t surprised to hear that she had vacationed in the villa made famous in the romantic-comedy Under the Tuscan Sun.  She always travels to extravagant places.  Plus, she’d also visited Florida and New York.  Still without power, we were happy to hear her east coast family was safe, even though Hurricane Sandy devastated the area.


We laughed as we talked about the Extravagant Diva and her “colorful” attire, even when on a relaxing weekend at the Lake.  We joked as we spoke of the M.I.A. Diva who has become the ultimate last minute cancellation.  For months, we’ve made sure our dinner location was convenient for her, only to have her not make it.  We debated, only briefly, over politics and quickly realized it was not proper dinner conversation.  We discussed future Diva restaurants and realized there are many places out there we’re excited to try out.


Because patience isn’t prominent with this group, we ordered appetizers upon arrival to calm our appetites.  The house made hummus seemed like a healthy option until it was served with flash fried flatbread.  It was so delicious and so bad for us.


We also tried the extra creamy spinach and artichoke dip.  It didn’t help that it too was served with the flatbread.  By the time we were done with our appetizers, our stomachs were full, and our arteries were clogged.


Our waitress convinced every one of us to try the Steak Special that night.  Their 8-ounce sirloin steak is only $8 on Thursday nights (or you can get the 10 ounce for $10).  Brushed with garlic butter and served with that night’s featured side, it was quite the deal.  The Lone Diva decided against the special and tried the Beer Battered Fish and Chips.  The cod was light and delicious, and the addition of jalapeno hush puppies completed the meal.


Market Pub House has an extensive menu of burgers, wraps, and award winning wings along with a few entrees, including the Memphis Style BBQ Mac and Cheese…a must try the next time we visit.  It’s a sports bar, and even though it may not stand out as a Diva favorite, it definitely embraces the diversity of the area with ease.  It’s a pub with good grub and a great place to watch a game.  Blues Hockey preferred.


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