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Dinner and a Movie Proves a Great Combination for the Dining Divas, Even with Unsatisfied Appetites

By Lisa Kampeter

At the core of each Dining Divas outing is companionship.  Thankfully.

If it was all about the food, we’d be begging for a do-over after this month’s dinner.  Making the restaurant and our meals the center of our get-togethers could have led to the demise of the Divas years ago.

Luckily, we never give the restaurants that much credit or control over our enjoyment with the ladies.  Why would we?  This month’s dinner may not rank high enough to even give it another try, but we still had a great time.  And thankfully, we had hot men to come to our rescue.

We decided to try out Gulf Shores on Olive Road.  It wasn’t a first for a few of the Divas.  Those that had been there before remembered the full dining room and the entertaining live music.  Not surprisingly, we couldn’t remember much of what we ate before.

Reservations are tricky.  You can only get a reservation with parties of 6 or more, and you can’t be seated until all in your party arrive.  The host wasn’t paying too close attention as he assumed when our group arrived, we were all there.  The Always Late for Dinner Diva showed up her average 10 minutes late.  Luckily for her, he just couldn’t add.

Our waitress happily shared the drink special for the evening, but her happiness faded from there.  She seemed to be on a “need to know” basis.  “I need to know your order” and that was it.  Whereas asking about separate checks seems to be more of the norm these days, especially when you’re serving a group of women, she didn’t seem to care.

I guess maybe that was the only way to guarantee her 18% tip as it was already included in the bill.  Separate checks are not a big deal these days.  We probably would have tipped better (20% is way easier math).

Lately, a few of the Divas have been honing their math skills via slot machines and casinos.  Unfortunately, their return on investments declined during their tripping adventure to Indiana.

The Powerful Diva has been working on her math skills too only with hers she used formulas and used them on employees.  Simple formulas.  Drinking alcohol on the job plus driving equals termination.  Basic math; yet, the employee was still surprised.

The Math Teaching Diva described Gulf Shores easily.  It’s nothing to write home about.  They’ve got a niche with the New Orleans style cuisine, but the food’s not that impressive.   The Hot Crab and Artichoke dip and the Shrimp tacos were well received, but everything else was just okay.  We could have gotten better at Red Lobster according to the Traveling Diva.

So needless to say, we were disappointed in Gulf Shores.  The most positive part of the restaurant is that it’s located directly across from the movie theater.  And this evening, the Divas outing didn’t stop with dinner.  We went to see “Magic Mike,” and let’s just say, it was, well, magical.

Not unlike our dinners, the storyline may have been bland; yet this time it didn’t really matter.  The entertainment alone had plenty of spice to it.  Just like with food, the presentation is key and…beautiful.  We may have paid too much for our dinners, but we got our money’s worth in the movie the first two minutes in.

As the Good-Humored Diva said, we all enjoyed our after-dinner treat of Channing, Matthew, and Joe.  We’ll skip dessert any night for that.


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