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District Patrons Turn Out to Learn More About Superintendent Changes

By Jeremy Thomas

Concerns that the turnout might be low as was the previous meeting were erased at the Hazelwood School Board meeting on Sept. 4 as district residents turned out to learn more  about the changes in the district administration.

It was announced that week that the school board unanimously deciding to go in a different direction on the superintendent’s job and this seemed to catch the attention of the community as a whole.

Former Hazelwood School District  superintendent  Steve Price was relieved of his duty in the first week of September as  he was set to enter his third year with the district. Then it was announced that assistant superintendent  Dr. Grayling Tobias will take over  as interim superintendent with hopes of leading this district to the level the district   expects to be. In front of a packed board room,  Tobias was very emotional in stating what he and the board wants to achieve in the near future.

“We want to let our board of education community and our staff know that we are not going to let our students down, we have trust and confidence in the people who work closest to our students, and I know that our students will succeed at high levels.” Tobias said. At  the  meeting ,  main focus seemed to be on the vision and commitment to excellent of the board, along with the total support of Dr. Tobias.

Ingrid Clark-Jackson is the new interim associate superintendent.

Also during the meeting the board expressed its gratitude and thanked the community for being behind the board and supporting them in  the past, currently, and in the future as well. A few individuals that will help determine the success of the district attended the meeting, and presented various cases as well as answered questions as to how they will improve their particular school.

Gold Standard For Tobacco Free Policy

Community involvement, and appointing the new interim superintended where the showcases of the board meeting, but there were also two awards presented.  The Hazelwood District received the Gold Standard for their tobacco free policy; the award was presented by  Crystal Nelson, director of Health Services. Two promethean boards for McNair PTA was also presented which totaled $9,000.

Overall when the meeting ended it appeared that most in the room was content and eager to see how successful the new look administration will do.

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