Even Shoveling Snow Brings A Lesson to Kids

By Randy Gardner

What a weekend  as we were pounded with a record March snowfall on the first weekend of spring. I am lucky that I can even lift my arms and fingers to write this column as the snow was falling so fast that I had to shovel my driveway four times. Luckily, I have a small driveway but it was great fun as it was a bonding experience with my kids as they all pitched in to help out, as we helped all of our neighbors out also. The point beings, that even in something that is not a sport, I think there are lessons of sportsmanship and friendship  that can be taught. Myself and my kids, along with others coming together to help out neighbors is a great feeling, much like players coming together on a team to accomplish a goal.

In every sport and every game there is a lesson to be taught and to be learned and as I try and study what good coaches do to motivate and help their teams and kids grow, I learn much more about the message rather than winning and losing.

As I sit right here and write my column, I am looking at a plaque that hangs on my wall by Vince Lombardi that starts off with Winning is not a sometimes thing, it’s an all the time thing. I am a firm believer in that statement in sports, in life, and with your family. It is all right to lose, losing builds character and helps us to shape what we did wrong and learn from it, but you have to believe that you are a winner all the time.

I really believe that having your mind in the right place as far as being an achiever and believing in yourself is never more evident than with Tiger Woods right now. For years, he was the best in the world at gold and financial success. He was basically torn apart at the seams by his own doings.

For years, everyone said that he would not ever be back to himself ever. Look at him now. #1 again and playing better golf than ever. It’s a mindset for someone. If you think are going to fail before you even start something, you probably will.  Take this approach of I can do anything and I will succeed in every aspect of everyday in everything you do and watch the difference it will make in your life.

Baseball Means Springtime

Look out your window right, all though there might be a bit of snow  still left on the ground, think baseball, as it will be here in less than two weeks. I am looking forward again to a great season of Cards baseball. Even though players seem to be dropping like flies to injuries right now, the Cards are notorious for finding players and bringing them through the system and having them achieve at the right time. That is why this team has been so successful for years upon years.


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