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Even With Momentum, May Be Best to Sit Jake Allen

By Randy Gardner

I always say that a small change in something can make a world of difference. I am a huge proponent of momentum in sports and in life.

Who would have thought that bringing up a youngster with no NHL experience would spark the Blues to  three consecutive road wins after losing so many in a row. That is exactly what has happened as Jake Allen was brought into the goalie mix for the St. Louis Blues and after three road wins he will stay in at goal. It begs the question though, when do you take him out? Do you let him play ‘till he loses or do you switch back now that the team has some momentum and try to get it to their real backup goalie.

Tough call. I almost say that you make the switch and let the momentum try to switch to others. Let Allen sit for a few games with that positive streak on his side. If they play badly put him back in. I am really excited about the Blues this year as they have the talent and capability to go all the way. I love the fact that we have a veteran coach like Ken Hitchcock, he is truly a difference maker for this franchise.

Great for Danica and NASCAR

How great is it for all of us NASCAR fans, as the crews and teams are back on the track. It was a great weekend of racing last weekend and it can only get better. I think that Danica Patrick opened a lot of eyes as she posted the pole for Daytona. This is huge for women in racing. A lot of people thought that she was just a pretty face in the sport but she is showing that she can really drive and compete in this series.

I know this year will be filled with a lot of drama as far as the Busch brothers, Tony Stewart and many others and if you are not an avid fan, maybe give it a try, you just might like it.

My Wife was Better at Rock Climbing

Something else you might like as a family activity is rock climbing. I took my family to an indoor rock climbing facility in St. Louis called Upper Limits. It is absolutely awesome. There are walls that are about five stories tall and you climb them. It looks so easy from the ground but it is scary. My little ones really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately for me, my wife was able to make it all the way to the top of the climb and I was unable to. I am man enough to say that I was scared, even with a harness with a pulley system that will not let you fall. I was still scared.

It’s an awesome experience, give it a try. There are many different levels including ones for beginners like me and my family up to advanced ones,  where you don’t use the pulleys and harnesses. It ‘s definitely a time that will enliven your senses and make you really sore on every part of your body for weeks. I have some muscles that hurt that I didn’t even know I had.


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