Excited About The Cards & Rams, But Disappointed in Rams’ Fans Game Turnout

By Randy Gardner

I have been  very excited about the Cardinals making it to the postseason, but I am more excited about the Rams being above .500 for the first time in the past six years.

I am very disappointed though in the fans of St. Louis, as the Rams played on the national stage on a Thursday night and the dome was not totally sold out. You know as well as I do, all of the St. Louis bandwagon fans will be on board to try to get tickets to the upcoming Rams games.

If the Rams win a few more games here, the Rams tickets will be one of the hardest tickets to find in the St. Louis area. Why do we wait as fans? The team was playing the 4-0 Cardinals that were once here in St. Louis, a new head coach, a chance to go above .500 and there were empty seats.

I know the economy plays a factor in the decision not to go but I guarantee that if they win a few more, people will find the money to go to the game. On the other side of the fence, I was not at the game either. After covering the games for years on end, I made a promise to my wife and family that I would spend that time on the couch with her and the boys watching from home.

It’s actually a great seat, I wish I could take my boys to the game but that gets a bit pricey for three boys. What a bonding experience it has been for me over the past two years watching the games with the family. I hope my boys will remember this for always.

Never Count the Cards Out

Onto the Cardinals, many people are probably upset that I didn’t write  enough about them first, Cardinals baseball fans are passionate, they will pay anything to see them in a  game. How great is it to see everyone from the younger players to the veterans step up after a first big game 1 loss at home when they couldn’t buy a hit  and then put up 12 runs on the Nationals. This team is much like last years team, never count them out till its over. That’s what makes this franchise so fun to watch.

Do we even remember Albert Pujols right now? Would he have helped this team this year? I wonder what is going through his mind right now? I would love to do a sit down interview with him if he Cards win the World Series again and get his perspective.

It’s a real and rare opportunity for all of us Sports fans here in St. Louis to witness a 2nd World Series win in a row and if the Cards don’t win it, its been a heck of a ride and a lot of fun. (By time you read this in print, we should know more)

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