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Fans, Players Alike Won’t Miss Replacement Refs

By Randy Gardner

How true is the statement that you don’t know what you have till it’s gone. It is never more true than with the NFL referees.

What a disaster, how did the NFL let it go so long? They knew they had to reach an agreement before someone got really hurt or the fans started revolting after some of the horrible calls. We all as fans, sit back and say they missed the call, how couldn’t they see that, well we learned that it is not as easy as it looks.

Some of the replacement refs had some experience but not much. One of them was even fired from the lingerie football league, what and why would he be reefing NFL football on Sunday.

Some might have been okay though with some training and guidance.  None the less, a few bad calls and some irate fans in cities like Green Bay and the problem solved to the satisfaction of the Veteran NFL referees who make a nice season payday averaging about $175,000 per year. After seeing what happens when you are not a pro at the sport of refereeing, they deserve every dollar of it.

Told to Keep Up the Personal Stories

I have ran into 3 different people over the past  weeks who said that they really enjoy when I throw a quick personal life story into the mix. I asked them why and they mentioned that usually they can experience that or they have lived that experience in their lives.

Thanks for  those reading me for  almost 15 years of my squabbling in this column. You have been with me as a single man, an engaged man, a married man, and now a married man with three boys.

What life brings you, you never know. So I will give you a quick little story from my 8 year olds soccer game this past weekend. Of course, when the other coach says we have a few not so good players that means that most of them are really good and I found out how true that statement was from an opposing coach last week. After our team picked the ball out from our own net for about the 5th time, walking back to the center line to kick off, one of the kids on our team said, “I bet these kids are on steroids”.

After I hysterically got done laughing at the statement, I stopped and realized what a sad statement that is for our society as even 8 year olds have learned from the media and some of  those rotten atheletes that if someone is good they must be cheating. I told the kids after the game that it isn’t steroids that make you better it is hard work and desire. Practice is a steroid, practice makes you better.

Finally tonight the best quote of the week comes from Monday Night Football’s massacre of the Chicago Bears over the  Dallas Cowboys after Tony Romo threw five interceptions. Someone said that Romo threw his helmet after the game in disgust and  it even  got intercepted. Now that’s funny. Have a great week and enjoy your family. Life is short and we never knows what lies ahead for us. Be thankful.

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