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Ferguson Brewery Mixes Up Much More than Just Brew

By Lisa Kampeter

There’s a popular song out there by a group called Flo Rida.  Actually, it’s not a group but a rapper.  From the spelling of it, it could be a state.  I’m not really that hip to know such important things, but I do know that this catchy tune, with the help of Etta James, talks about “getting a good feeling.”  And driving to this month’s Dining Divas location, I got that feeling.  And it was a good one.

Practically down the street from Florissant sits the Ferguson Brewing Company.  We noticed it last year when we dined at The Cork Wine Bar across the street.  We’re always delighted to find a great restaurant close to home, and Ferguson Brewing Company is one of those great finds.

I couldn’t help but be excited to see the girls this month.  Maybe it was the spring-like weather we were having.  Maybe it was the anticipation of good food.  More than likely it was just that good feeling I had.  The one I get the first Thursday of the month.  When I get to see the ladies.  It doesn’t matter if there’s just a handful of us or a large group, we look forward to it.

The place was packed with work friends, families, the ladies, and of course, the guys that belly up to the bar with their “bring your own jug” for a refill of beer.  The acoustics are bad there, but you could definitely hear our laughter.  Like when the Ornery Diva pointed out the Swiss Miss with the hot wings.  It was quite a combination.

Or when the Gambling Divas shared their story of the $2.29 cent buffet meal that ended up costing them 90 bucks.  Seems like everyone that day tried to take advantage of the Leap Day special at the casino.  So instead of waiting in the long line to eat, they gambled.  Good thing that only happens every four years.

We heard from the Nosy Diva about her trip to California.  Of course, she had to do a drive by to the Beverly Hilton.  Whitney Houston had just passed.  Her celebrity sightings of the living included Joe Buck and the group Jane’s Addiction but no Richard Gere on Rodeo Drive as she did her best “Pretty Woman”.

I really wanted someone to get the Fried Mac and Cheese.  It sounded incredible.  I really wanted someone to get the Chicken Florentine Flatbread Pizza.  It’s made with chicken and spinach dip, and it’s delicious.  I really wanted someone to get the Dip Trio with hummus, bruschetta, and spinach artichoke dip.  It’s a great appetizer.  I wanted everyone to get the “bad for you” stuff as I was sticking with the “good for you” stuff.

My “good for you” stuff was the Shrimp and Spinach Salad, and just because it’s a salad, doesn’t mean it’s boring.  It’s made with peppers, onions, dried cherries, and candied pecans with a vinaigrette dressing and topped with Cajun shrimp.  Now that is good food.

It was unusual to hear the Generous Diva say, “Anyone want a burger?” as she offered to share her dinner.  Not just a bite, but an entire burger.  She ordered the Mini-Burgers and enjoyed them but there was no way she could eat all four.  We decided that mini-burgers must be the new hot item as it seems like everyone restaurant menu offers them now.

All of the burgers at the Ferguson Brewing Company are good options.  As is the BBQ Pork Sandwich and the Chicken Tender Wrap.

Ferguson Brewing Company is a great option just down the street from Florissant.  If only next month’s Dining Divas location would be just down the street.  But I don’t think there’s one close by.

We decided after hearing about the Lucky Divas string of good fortune recently with scratch-offs that we would be dining at a Casey’s gas station.  We’d spend most of our dinner money on lottery and the rest on a slice of pizza.  Supposedly the pizza’s good and we know for a fact that the winning is even better.  And that gives us all a good feeling.


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