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Florissant City Council, Mayor Commend Police

Florissant Mayor Tom Schneider and Chief of Police Tim Lowery with the honorees.

Florissant Mayor Tom Schneider and Chief of Police Tim Lowery with the honorees.

The Florissant City Council recognized several members of the Florissant Police Department at the last council meeting. The following were recognized for exemplary service.

Officers Tyrone Perry, Andrew Gerwitz,Joshua Smith

In June, the department received a report of a robbery at a store on Shackelford. When store managers approached a person they suspected of shoplifting, he threatened them with a handgun. When Perry arrived, he broadcast a description to other officers in the area. Smith and Gerwitz responded and located the suspect. The victims identified the subject, who was also in possession of the stolen items. Perry obtained a full confession.

Officer Andrew Gerwitz

In July, Gerwitz responded to a call in which a church daycare worker was assaulted as she arrived for work. Gerwitz reviewed suveillance footage from and church and was able to locate the suspect. Gerwitz obtained a confession and the identity of three other suspets. He then took all three into custody and obtained confessions.

Officers Gary Niemann,  Michael Reiter, Det. Joseph Monahan

In August, Niemann responded to a call from employees of a hardware store that observed a suspicious vehicle slowly driving by rental equipment. The employees said the truck resembled a truck that was captured on video stealing equipment in May. Niemann and Reiter arrested the driver of the truck, who had a criminal record. Monahan interviewed the suspect and obtained a confession to the May theft.

Officer Sean Mayer

In August, Mayer responded to a call for an armed suicidal subject. When he arrived, he observed a person struggling with a male teenager who had a gun. Mayer disarmed the teen and transported him to the hospital for an evaluation.

Officer Gary Lively

In August, Lively was on patrol in a city park when he observed a parked vehicle with three subjects. He questioned the driver of the vehicle and noticed a white powdery substance in the vehicle. All three of the subjects were in possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia. They were arrested and charged with drug possession.

Officer Shannon Bowen

In September, Bowen conducted a traffic stop. While speaking with the driver and a passenger, he detected a strong odor marijuana. A search of the passenger and vehicle revealed several bags of marijuana and two pistols. One of the pistols had been reported stolen.


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