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Florissant Old Town Partners Recognizes Past Presidents

Florissant Old Town Partners Howdy Partner program recently recognized past presidents of Old town Partners:  Rosemary Davison, Geri Debo, Don Zykan, Grace Zykan, Frank Stahlschmidt and Steve Frank. Old Town Partners was formed August 26, 1996 by Rosemary Davison, Geri Debo and Mary Kay Gladbach to restore Old Town’s history and charm.

They talked about the accomplishments that have been made over the years such as new businesses, the Old Town Partners shop, Fall Festival, new street lights, fountains, Christmas walk, moving the house for the Old Town Partners and Valley of Flowers office, and the Shrine. Each past president was presented with roses donated by Dooley’s Florist and also thanked for all they have done.

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