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Florissant Seniors have many amenities

annual Cardinals party is a hit in Florissant for seniors

The annual Cardinals party is a hit in Florissant for seniors.

Key in No.1 Ranking is Florissant Senior Department

By Nichole Butler

Movoto Blog, a blog that reports unique and fun real estate related stories, collected data from 140 small cities in the United States and reported that Florissant was the number one small city in America to retire in, beating out many well known retiree communities in Florida and California.

Cost of living, crime rate,ease of travel, and retiree amenities were considered during the ranking, which included consulting retirement aged individuals that lived in each city. Due to that simple little fact, Florissant had a great shot at ranking number one. Out of the 140 small cities considered; Florissant ranked 39 for crime, 54 for senior amenities, 55 for weather, and 14 for travel.

However, the senior amenities seemed to stand out the most. There is no doubt that the senior amenities are top notch here in Florissant. The Florissant Senior Citizen Department has many services and programs for our area’s senior citizens.

“It is gratifying to see that the many splendid services and venues that the City of Florissant operates are appreciated and enjoyed by our residents, including our senior citizens,” said Mayor Thomas P. Schneider.  “Many of those activities, such as our annual New Year’s Eve Senior Dance, cater specifically to our senior residents.”

Senior Citizen Coordinator Peggy Hogan, said she thinks one of the best amenities the

Senior Citizen Department offers is the free bus service. “Transportation can become a major issue,” Hogan says, “our free bus transportation will pick up a senior at their door and take them to wherever they need to go in Florissant; the grocery store, they hair salon.”

   Hogan says that their most popular service would probably be the income tax assistance program, “It’s a wonderful way to save seniors money.” The income tax assistance program is worked by trained volunteers from AARP and is the largest tax preparation held in the city of Saint Louis.

Other services geared to make life just alittle bit easier for seniors includes The Golden Age Discount Program, in which seniors 60 years or older can present their Florissant resident card to a local business and possibly receive a discount on their purchase, and the File of Life Packets which contain all medical and personal information the police department, fire department, or EMT would need to be aware of in the case of an emergency where the senior was unable to relate their own information.

“The senior office likes to be considered kind of a resource for seniors in this community,” Hogan said. One such unique amenity would be the list of contractors that the office keeps on file as a safe resource for all seniors. “The list is made up of contractors that seniors have used and reported back to us on the service, so we know that they are fair and trustworthy,” Hogan said.

Just as the Senior Citizen Department serves to assist Florissant’s seniors, they also strive to provide entertainment and activities that give seniors the opportunity to socialize. Florissant seniors can attend a hot mealevery day of the week at Noon, held at the Florissant Senior Dining Center for $5 a person. Bingo, pinochle, tai chi and other exercising programs, in addition to other activities can also be found at the Dining Center.  “Specialty clubs, such as bridge, pinochle, line dancing, and bingo entice the senior citizens to busy and enjoy themselves in the community,” Hogan said.

Once a month, the 250 members of the Silver Words (for seniors who are widowed, divorced, or single) gather for a meeting or day trip, which does not include the other several popular day trips planned each year at minimal cost for seniors.

In addition to the planned trips, the Senior Citizen Department hosts 3 to 4 speaking events and 5 to 8 dances per year. Hogan noted that the many of the seniors in Florissant grew up here. They are proud of this city, and they volunteer to the city’s benefit in many areas, whether it be Meals on Wheels, Village of the Blue Rose, Saint Vincent De Paul, or organizations through their churches. They have raised their families in this community, they support this community, and they want this community to thrive.

“I honestly think, first and foremost, with

this wonderful ranking that we have gotten, that it is a reflection on our senior community that we have here in Florissant,” Hogan said. “My roots are right here in Florissant, so just the fact that I am now the senior citizen coordinator is an honor for me because I grew up with and know so many of the seniors. It’s a privilege to serve this group and this community.”

Seniors wanting to take advantage of any amenities, programs, or events the Senior Citizen Department offers can contact the office at 839-7604.


Florissant seniors enjoy the annual St. Patrick's Day Party.

Florissant seniors enjoy the annual St. Patrick’s Day Party.




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