Forget Florida, Florissant Listed As Top Small City For Retirees!

Research compiled by Moyoto Real Estate Blog

Most people may think of Florida when they think of retiring, but Florissant may soon be a first choice for some.

The Moyoto Real Estate Blog has named Florissant the Best Small City to Retire To. Some other cities in the top ten include Jupiter, Bradenton and Sarasota, all in Florida, Cedar Park and San Marcos, Texas and Fountain Valley, California.

The website looked at several criteria for the cities. 140 small cities (population between 50,000 and 60,000) were considered. The site looked at cost of living, crime rate, weather, ease of travel and retiree amenities such as healthcare, senior centers, adult education, dining, shopping, libraries, arts & entertainment

The site used U.S. Census data and business listing to score each city for each category and then average the scores for the final list.

The site notes that Florissant has plenty for seniors to do, including dances, a golf league, and more at the James J. Eagan Center or the John F. Kennedy Center. In terms of retiree amenities per capita, Florissant ranks 54out of 140.

Florissant’s nearly 53,000 residents, of which almost 16 percent are age 65 or older, enjoy the 21st-best cost of living in the ranking at 85 percent of the national average. The city is ranked 39th overall for crime, 55th for weather, and is tied for 14th for travel with the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport just eight miles away

About Movoto’s Research

What do a bunch of 30-something bloggers like Movoto really know about retiring right, though? Well, they say that’s why in researching this ranking, they turned to the experts: actual retirees. Based on their feedback, Movoto  created a set of criteria which they  believe can accurately determine whether or not a city is a good spot to retire in.

“We’ll get to all that in a moment. First, we have to declare a winner, and the honor of the Best Small City To Retire To based on our research goes to Florissant, MO.” Movoto said on their blog and website

There are nine other small cities that share the spotlight–if not top honors–with Florissant. The full top 10 is:

1. Florissant, MO

2. West Des Moines, IA

3. Lakewood, OH

3. Bradenton, FL

5. Jupiter, FL

6. Sarasota, FL

6. San Marcos, TX

8. Cedar Park, TX

9. Hendersonville, TN

10. Fountain Valley, CA





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