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Hazelwood Patrons Support Report On School Principals’ Accountability

By Jeremy Thomas

Community support was evident for school district principals at the recent Hazelwood School Board meeting. Like in some previous meetings, the board room was packed to the max. Many were there to support respective school principals for the annual Mid-Year Accountability reports.

This was the main focus of the meeting that  also included a detailed presentation on the current Assessment Literacy Strategy number (four) and an update of the Hazelwood Supplier Diversity program.

Assistant Superintendent for Learning Crystal Reiter started the meeting with a presentation over Strategy number four of the Assessment Literacy program.  This strategy was all about Self-Assessment and Goal Setting in which a few students at the meeting were able to answer the question of “How do you use goal setting to reach your learning targets?” at least three middle school students about their goal setting.

“I am using goal-setting by aiming high and really studying and knowing my materials so I can reach my goal and eventually my learning targets for the year,” Hazelwood West High School student, Rebecka, one of the three students, said.

The Mid-Year Accountability Reports followed with six different schools represented by their principal provided presentation on how their school is doing in the academic year.

All of the six schools had the same general purpose, which was focus on English Language Arts, Assessment Literacy and Compelling Conversations. Each school principal also talked about three main topics in their presentation which were Instructional Strategies that have changed,  Mid-Year Performance Data, and second semester plans to move forward. The second semester plans to move forward provide the most difference between the schools.

Hazelwood West High School principal Dennis Newell mentioned that his school second semester plans will include Assessment Literacy practices, professional learning communities, classroom walk throughs, and academic mentoring of students. “ We value our student’s education and we believe our future plans will help shape our students and prepare them for future education,” Newell said.

Twillman Elementary School principal Brenda Harris explained her school future plans. More self-monitoring will be added, our teachers will engage students in dialogue with strong and weak work,” Harris said.

McCurdy Elementary School principal Jane McKinney talked about how the school will focus on rigor and complexity of task, Increase the use of Assessment literacy Strategies, and focus on critical thinking skills.  Jury Elementary School principal Mary Shaw was short with her future school plans but very clear that she wants to continue Assessment Literacy Strategies and compelling conversations with students, teachers, and principles.

“We want to Continue our learning in assessment literacy, Provide additional learning opportunities for students, and continue our compelling conversations,” Cold Water Elementary school principal Christa Warner said.

Finally, Armstrong Elementary Principal Roger Leblanc expressed his intentions for the near future for the school.  “Our most important plan for the future is to continue to push the integrity and fidelity of quality teaching, we also would like to improve on the common core state standards,” Leblanc said.

Towards the end of the meeting, the Hazelwood Supplier Diversity program received a nice round of applauds from both the board and the audience for a few achievements recognized.

The program is a finalist for two St. Louis Minority supplier Development Council awards: Institution of the year, and Buyer/Coordinator of year. Along with this the program was invited to the Association for Construction Career s Education and Support Services bi-annual collaborative partnering Conference. There were no Patrons to voice anything they wanted to say at the conclusion of the meeting.

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