Hazelwood Sports Complex is Site For April 14th MLB Pitch, Hit & Run Event

The Scotts [Lawn Care] Major League Baseball (MLB) Pitch, Hit & Run is making a stop in the City of Hazelwood on Sunday, April 14, at the Hazelwood Sports Complex, 4622 Aubuchon Road.  Starting time is 1 p.m.

This baseball skills competition gives boys, ages 7 to 14, an opportunity to showcase their pitching, hitting and running abilities.  Admission is free to the public.  Participants can advance through the following four levels of competition: Local and Sectional competitions; Team Championship events at all 30 Major League ballparks; and the National Finals at the MLB All-Star Game.

The MLB Pitch, Hit & Run event in Hazelwood will be set up for these competition categories:


The pitch portion of the program will test how accurately a competitor can throw strikes at a designated “Strike Zone” target from a distance of 45 feet, which is the distance from the mound to the plate in Little League regulation play.  Any method of underhand/overhand pitching or throwing is accepted.  Each person will be given six  attempts to hit the designated “Strike Zone.” Hitting any portion of the target will be considered a strike.


The hit portion of the program will test a competitor’s ability to hit from a stationary batting tee, along a tape measure from home plate to straight-away centerfield.  Hits will be measured for distance and accuracy.  Participants may use their own batting equipment; however, other competitors must have access to using the same equipment as well.  Each competitor will be allowed three  swings in an attempt to hit the ball.  A swing and a miss counts as one attempt, (1 swing = 1 attempt).


The run portion of the program will measure a competitor’s speed in a sprint from third base to home plate – a total of 160 feet.  The actual starting line will be second base.  Each participant will begin at a standing position and start running when the administrator yells, GO!  The stopwatch begins when the runner touches third base and heads for home plate.  No sliding is allowed.

Those interested in competing in the MLB Pitch, Hit & Run at Hazelwood’s Sports Complex can register online at: www.leaguelineup.com/hazelwoodbaseball.  On the home page, look for a blue Register Online menu box on the left-hand side.  Click where it says, MLB Pitch Hit Run.  Youngsters can also register at the Hazelwood Community Center, 1186 Teson Road, in White Birch Park.

For other questions regarding this event, please contact    Greg Viehman at   (314) 731-0980 or by email to: gtviehman@hazelwoodmo.org


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