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Iota Phi Lambda Sorority honors Hazelwood School District Superintendent, Teacher and Student

This weekend, three individuals from the Hazelwood School District will be among other outstanding educators throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan area who will receive honors from the Iota Phi Lambda Sorority Inc.~Alpha Zeta Chapter, during its 31st Awards Luncheon.

Dr. Grayling Tobias, Hazelwood School District superintendent, will be presented an “Outstanding Educator of the Year” award, recognizing his more than 20 years in the educational field.

Christina Hughes, Hazelwood West High School science teacher, will receive an “Apple of the Teacher” award, for her work in the classroom for nearly a decade.

Jason Sims, Hazelwood Central Middle School eighth grade student, won second place in an essay contest sponsored by the Alpha Zeta Chapter.

“One of our goals is to work to help make schools great for every child,” said Andrea Alexander, American Education Week (AEW) chairperson. “Paying tribute to deserving educators is one avenue to accomplish this goal,” she added.

The Iota Phil Lambda Sorority, Inc., is a national business and professional women’s organization, which hosts the annual “Apple of the Teacher” Awards luncheon, during the third week of November, is designated as AEW.

“Although our primary focus is to help girls and young women pursue business careers through our scholarship programs, we also want to show our appreciation to outstanding educators for helping to make our schools great and assist our students in moving their lives forward,” Alexander concluded.

There are more than one hundred chapters with a membership numbering more than 3,000 in 85 major U.S. cities, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Congratulations to Tobias, Hughes and Sims for being recognized for their respective efforts by this prestigious organization.


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