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Kids Were Glued to the TV For All-Stars’ Home-Run Derby

By Randy Gardner

If there is ever one night that you would allow your kids to stay up late and watch some wholesome TV, it would have been on last Monday Night as the Major League Baseball Home Run Hitting Competition took place.

I allowed all 3 of my kids to stay up and watch this unbelievable display of hitting. I was even amazed at the amount of balls that were hit out of the park and the distances that they were hitting them. My 4- year -old was glued to the TV and was yelling “Oh my gosh, look at that dad”.

The funniest part of the evening though was when I asked him if he would like to be on there doing that and he replied “Certainly Dad, I am the greatest ball player that ever lived”.

Now remember he is four and I know that he heard that phrase on a movie or TV show but what expectations he has if that is really how he feels.

Hopefully in about 20 years, I will be able to show him this column as he steps up to bat in the big leagues.

By now we know who won the real All-Star game and which league gets the all-important home field advantage in the World Series. That was the big for the Cardinals in 2011.

Too Many NFL Players get into Trouble

What a shocking trend in sports lately, especially the NFL as players and front office personnel are being arrested by the handfuls. I don’t know if it is something new or if it is just something that has always been a bit hidden but now with social media, the word gets out faster.

Over the past few months, there have been 17 teams touched by over 20 arrests, reports say. This is unbelievable. What an example these players are setting for our kids, not that they should be kids role models— parents should be— but these actions speak high volumes amongst the youth of today. What can be done about this; stiffer penalties laid down from the NFL.  Something has to be done. I can’t turn on Sportscenter for my kids to watch highlights of games and plays without having to turn the channel because of a homicide, drunk driving arrest, or spousal abuse. Its ridiculous.

Can Cardinals Keep Up the Pace

So what do you think of the Cards right now? You have to be  happy how they have been playing and where they sit in the division. So far, I think they team has outperformed expectations, I hope that they have not peaked to soon though, it’s a long year and we are about to hit that long hard stretch of August before the Playoff run.

Across the board, the team has had more up in hitting and with ups and downs with pitching,  but look for  Mike Matheny to pull it all together when it counts. Remember, count our blessings that we always have a team that is in contention, year after year and few other cities can say that.

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