Let’s Not Forget Oshie’s Goal to Beat the Russians

**Randy Gardner photo**By Randy Gardner

What a turnaround the Olympics became in the world of hockey. I know they have been over for a while now but this is the first time I have had a chance to write about the bitter frustration that the US Men’s Hockey team faced as they were knocked out of the Olympics coming home with no medal at all.

I often talk about how things in life can be seemingly going in one direction in life and then a wild turnaround will happen both on the negative side and the positive side. Well we saw that with this US team a few weeks ago.  Have people forgotten about beating Russia in the game where TJ Oshie had the amazing shootout win or will that be a moment that lives on like the 1980 Olympic team win?

I actually think that most people have diminished their thoughts about his amazing feat. Think of the pressure that he was each round.

He had the pressure of the entire country on his back.

Not many people can say they have felt that. Just think what it is like to have a work deadline looming, then put it into perspective that the entire world is watching what you are doing. Anyway, I think most fans  care about how hockey has become a major force for the US.

Spring Training Means Season Nears

Spring training is here even though the weather doesn’t feel that way here. It’s  kind of difficult to get baseball fever when it was single diget degrees outside but it will be here before you know it and we will all be singing the praises of the Redbirds. What a starting rotation we will have this, I think the best in the Major Leagues.

I will talk more about the team in the upcoming weeks but I wanted to touch on what you thought about opening day becoming a National Holiday. I am mixed on this one, I know it is a huge day for baseball and its fans but should it actually be considered a holiday? I think it should be declared some kind of special day but a holiday, I guess that depends on what the true definition of holiday on the National scale is.  Maybe in St. Louis, but not every city has opening day festivities like we have. I heard that there is a petition on the web that needs 100,000 signatures to be brought up to the President and the sponsors are  getting those. I am very anxious to see what happens.

Sporting Kansas City

Finally, I know this is going to be either a big hit for some and others will quit reading but the MLS, Major League Soccer is starting back up right now. This year they will have from what I heard the most televised games in its history. The viewing audiences are getting bigger and a lot of the stadiums sell out every game. The league has become more exciting through the years and the games are very competitive. If you have not watched or been to a MLS game, check one out, you just might like it. One team that has been very successful is just across the state, Sporting Kansas City. It’s not too far of a drive and I guarantee that you would enjoy the spectacle of the event. Try it out sometime.

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