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Miss Hazelwood crowned at Harvestfest

Paige Frye Crowned Miss Hazelwood

at 2013 Sunny Harfestfest

By Nichole Fetters

   Paige Frye is crowned Miss Hazelwood

by 2012 Miss Hazelwood Kirsten Henderson

Paige Frye below  speaks to crowd.

Paige Frye speaks to crowd just after crowning at Harvestfest

  The 2013 Miss Hazelwood candidates were blessed with a beautiful day to be crowned. The sun shined in the bright blue backdrop of the sky, but there was an autumn crispness in the air on Sept. 14 that added extra cheer to an already cheerful coronation.

Perhaps it was Hazelwood West High School senior, Paige Frye, who felt the most cheer that day, as she was crowned the new 2013 Miss Hazelwood. Sarah Miller, a fellow senior at Hazelwood West High School, was runner up.  Her sponsor was  Dale’s Music.

Promoting and supporting the city of Hazelwood was perhaps an extra theme at this year’s coronation.

When asked what she would do to promote the city throughout the coming year if she was crowned, Frye stated “I would support Hazelwood by going to other communities and letting them know what we have going on.”

Hazelwood Mayor Matthew Robinson took the stage while the judges went to do what they do best. After thanking the Hazelwood Parks & Recreation for putting on the Harvestfest, he commented on the good things the candidates had to say about Hazelwood. “Hearing these girls talk about growing up in Hazelwood is very exciting,” he said. “We try to reach out to other people and let them know how great Hazelwood is.”

Reigning 2012 Miss Hazelwood, Kirsten Henderson, said that being Miss Hazelwood really opened her eyes to how great the city is. “I’ve lived here my whole life and I thought I knew all about it, but I had no clue. I met so many new people and just thought everything I saw was so sweet. Whenever I met someone I would think ‘Awe, that’s so sweet!’”

When the judges returned and the counts were in, Henderson joyfully crowned the beaming Ms. Frye, who appeared to have a crowd full of supporters as cheers were booming in bounty.

2013 should prove to be a busy year for Paige Frye, but she likes things that way. In her bio, which was read at the coronation, it stated:

“As a high school senior, Paige is active in a variety of clubs including VIPs, Student Council, National Honors Society, Pep Band and Marching Band.  She is also the secretary of her senior class.  Since 4th grade, Paige has learned to play the following musical instruments and participate in band: flute; piano; and a variety of percussion instruments.  Paige loves to get involved in Special Olympics Missouri and helping kids through the A+ program.  She spends every weekend at church either lecturing or serving as an alter girl.  Her responsibilities include babysitting three little girls after school on a daily basis, working at Dairy Queen and life guarding at White Birch Bay Aquatic Center in Hazelwood.  In her free time, she loves to read, draw, swim, hang out with friends and donate her time.” Paige says her life is very busy and she likes it that way because it keeps her on task and attentive.

  There is no doubt that the new Miss Hazelwood will be very busy the next 12 months and was apparent that she has much to offer the city and its residents

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