Monday Night Presents Dilemma For STL Sports Fans, But it Will Work Out

By Randy Gardner

For most of the baseball fans here in St. Louis your prayers came true as the  Cardinals have reached the World Series once again. It was kind of a tossup on  who would be better to play in the World Series:  Boston or Detroit. I think playing Boston is  a really good matchup though.

I am not going to talk much about the matchup specifics because I don’t want to jinx the Cardinals. Looking at the game schedule next Monday night,  the Cardinals and  the Rams could be playing  on national television at the same time. I wonder how many households here in  the St. Louis area will be watching the Rams game over the Cardinals game. I would almost bet that people will have the split screen on or they will be  flipping back-and-forth to see what the new Rams quarterback will be doing.

It  was very unfortunate that Sam Bradford went down with an ACL injury after he was  having the best start to a season in his NFL career. That’s the way that sports  go sometimes. The Rams sitting at 3-4right now will be in the national  spotlight against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night. I always say this, but this could be a make or break game for the Rams season as they could go to 3-5 or they could go to 4-4.

What an opportunity for a backup  quarterback to step in and take over this Rams team and lead them to huge victory  on national television. It could almost be like the drama that we saw when Kurt  Warner stepped  to leave the Rams to victory and eventually the  Super Bowl.

Coming to You from K.C.

As I write this column, I am actually in Kansas City wearing  my St. Louis sporting  attire. I feel as though I might be mocked today as the Chiefs are 7- 0. Who would have ever thought that this team on the other side of the of the  state would be so good. I am really happy for them though because the fans in  Kansas City are absolutely insane with passion about their football. In the meanwhile, both sides of the state can enjoy the early 7-0 showing of the Missouri Tigers and their 3-0 start in the SEC.

Hopefully the Chiefs won’t implode in the second half of the season and even if they  do they will still have at least a .500 season. And it would be cool to see the Chiefs play in an outdoor stadium in February in New York for the Super Bowl. The weather would play right into their hands.  For now though I will hold my head up high and proud here in Kansas City as I wear my St. Louis attire the rest of  the day while at Legoland with the family

Meanwhile, I can’t wait to get to a TV to see the Cards battle the Bearded Bosoxs in Beantown.  Fenway will be rocking like Busch Stadium will be this weekend and hopefully Monday night, unless there’s a very unlikely sweep like in 2004 when the Red Sox won it in four and celebrated in our ballpark, Busch Stadium II.


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