New Ferguson Restaurant is What Dreams Are Made Of

The Dining Divas

By Lisa Kampeter

Cathy’s Kitchen is Trip Around the U.S.

Usually, it’s all about us, the Dining Divas.  This month, it wasn’t about any of us.  This month, our small group walked into a new restaurant in Ferguson hoping for a belly full and a few laughs, but we walked out larger than life.  And we’re ready to return.

When I hear “road trip,” I’m ready for an adventure.  And Cathy’s Kitchen in Ferguson is just that.  It’s a trip and an adventure!  A trip down memory lane for Cathy and Jerome Jenkins, the owners.  A trip to the South.  Colorado.  New Mexico.  And so on.  The menu is based on their adventures.  Life is about living, and for once, they were able to slow down and enjoy life and take a two-month journey throughout the states.  Little did Cathy know, her culinary curiosity along the way and talent for tastes would turn into her own restaurant some day.

On her two-month trip, Cathy tried out many dishes, and those that she really enjoyed, she’d ask the cooks how they made them.  Often times, they just gave her the recipe.   It was obvious to us that Cathy’s warm smile and infectious laugh would be hard to resist.  No surprise to us that they would be so willing to share their recipes with her.

And then there’s Jerome, her husband.  What an inspiration!  You’ll have to stop in and hear his story.  I don’t think I can do it justice.  But let me just say this.  Honest to goodness hard work, perseverance, and simple kindness truly is rewarded.   Even if it’s in strange ways.

Ask him about his dream.  And not about his dream to be successful.  His dream that he had one night when he was sleeping.  I bet you’ll keep a pad and paper by your bed like I do now after hearing what happened to him.  It’s a great story.  A story about believing and never giving up.  Oh, and a little praying.  God truly does work in mysterious ways.

Cathy’s Kitchen is a diner with a twist.  You’ll find a hamburger and fries on the menu, like typical diner fare.  But Cathy’s burger has a little southwest in it.  The New Mexico Burger is served with Muenster cheese, lime, avocado, tomato, and corn chutney.  Hungry for a taste of the Windy City?  Try out the Chicago Style Vienne Polish Sausage.   Or how about the very popular Memphis Style Gumbo?  The menu is broken out by states and cities.  There are so many tempting choices

Cathy’s Pastry Chef Cortez is fantastic.  This big, high school football player-type does not look like your average pastry chef.  And when he showed up at Cathy’s restaurant one day and asked her to hire him, she made him prove himself on the spot.   She gave him her dessert recipe book, sent him to the kitchen, and told him to make a Dutch Apple Pie.  To her surprise, it was perfect!  But get there soon.  Cortez is leaving for culinary school.  Not sure if Cortez made the cookies we tried that night, but they were delicious.

For once, I was thrilled the Divas group was small this night.  We were so pleased that Cathy and Jerome visited with us at our table.  With a larger group, that may not have been the case.  In all my Dining Divas outings, I doubt I’ve felt so strongly about wanting to see a place succeed.  They really deserve it.

Fortunately for those of us in North County, we don’t have to take a long trip to enjoy Cathy’s Kitchen.  Stop by and meet them.  You will love them and the food.   And more than likely, you’ll then rush home to your dreams.



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One Response to “New Ferguson Restaurant is What Dreams Are Made Of”

  1. Cathys Kitchen Says:
    October 22nd, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    Hi Lisa I just wanted to say thank you for the great article!! I still have new customers coming in because of the sincerity of you article. A special Thanks from Cathy’s Kitchen!!!


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