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North County Churches Uniting to Honor Mayor Lowery, Chief Wolf and Educators

North County Churches Uniting for Racial Harmony and Justice (NCCU) will honor a number of  outstanding leaders in the community and the Metropolitan St. Louis Area at its 7th Annual Awards Dinner on April 10 at SSM DePaul Health Center in the May Center

Leading the parade of award recipients is Mayor Robert G. Lowery Sr.  according to President  Rance Thomas “Mayor Lowery is an icon within the whole St. Louis area.  He has done more for the City of Florissant and St. Louis County areas than anyone else I have known.

Mayor Lowery has  served the City of Florissant as police chief for many years and mayor for many more years.  “During his tenure in both positions, he worked with leaders throughout the area to improve conditions, first in Florissant and then the whole area,” Thoams said. “We are honored to be able to present our Living Legend Award to the retiring mayor, because he is someone who is truly deserving of this award.”

Marcia Pfeiffer, president of St. Louis Community College Florissant Valley, “ has truly made the Community College a true participant within the Community and beyond with her outstanding leadership, ”  said Thomas.  She will be receiving NCCU’s Outstanding Education Achievement Award.

Another outstanding leader who will be recognized is  Hazelwood Police Chief  Carl R. Wolf who is nationally recognized as a leader in Law Enforcement. Chief Wolf is “someone who is committed to excellence and equity within his city and beyond and has worked tireless to turn troubled youth around,” said Thomas.  He will be receiving NCCU’s Outstanding Community Service Award.

Other awardees include Mary Piper, associate superintendent of Hazelwood School District, who served as the interim superintendent of the Hazelwood School District after the departure of Chris Wright who assumed responsibility as the leader of Missouri’s Education Department.

Barbara Thompson, NCCU Vice President said “that Dr. Piper did a wonderful job by filling a position vacated by an extraordinary superintendent, but she took the mantle and continued Dr. Wright’s work.”

Piper will be receiving the Outstanding Education Achievement Award, along with Shantana T. Stewart who has been a leader in Ferguson/Florissant School District’s High Achievement for All Program within the district.  “She has been extremely successful in helping to coordinate and facilitate this Program,” said President Thomas.

In addition, awards will be presented to Capt Troy Doyle, interim police chief of Jennings, “for his outstanding leadership first at Commander of the North County Precinct of the St. Louis Police Department and as Interim Chief of Jennings.  He has truly made a difference in both positions,” Thomas said.

Also in the criminal justice system area, the St. Louis County Family Court Evening Reporting Center has done an outstanding job of working with troubled youth to help them turn their lives around, notes Thomas, Both will be awarded Outstanding Community Service Awards.

Finally, but not least the President’s Award will be presented to  Andrea Jackson-Jennings, director of St. Louis County Human  Services Department and Olivet Missionary Baptist Church.  Thomas stated that “Both have not only provided outstanding service to the community but have been strong supporters of NCCU and its work.  We are very grateful for both.”

Registration for the April 10th program is at 4 p.m. and the program will begin at 4:30 p.m.  Tickets are $25 each and tables are $175 each (8 per table).  Call Dr. Rance Thomas at 314 238-6828 or Dr. Barbara Thompson at 314 567-7016.

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