Nothing Like the Old Ballyard to Pop The Big Question?

By Randy Gardner

I just read a very interesting article about sports and the many ways that it generates revenues besides the beverage prices that we all know are about 1000% inflated. One of those ways is charging to get engaged at the ballpark.

Of course you could do it out in front of a statue at the park or probably even give the vendor a few bucks to drop the ring in the beverage,  but how about anywhere from $50 $2,500 dollars to pop the question during the game on the big screen. I was glad to see that the Cardinals only charge $500  to propose.

So many things to think about. Is this really what she wants, it just doesn’t seem that darn romantic to me. What if she says no in front of 45,000 people. Man do you look like a doofess then.

I guess though if you are never going to have your picture on the Jumbotron as a player, the next best thing is to be on their proposing to the one that you love.

I have heard so many stories in the past about these going wrong, like the person being in the restroom, the person not paying attention and of course the old fashioned, I don’t know or NO. I know this could be your 15 minutes of fame but take the extra money that you’re going to spend on this and put it towards the ring. Be a romantic. Just for comparisons:  Los Angeles is the high end at $2,500 and Pittsburgh is the lowest at $39 which seems like a bargain. If you disagree with me or agree with me, email me at the paper and let me know.

Cubs Off to Bad Start. Lose 1st Challenge

As I write this column on Monday, the Cubs will officially be known as the first team that challenged a play using the new instant replay rule. Of course as the Cubs are used to doing, they lost the challenge. It was a play at first base, the entire replay took about 1 minute and 40 seconds. Is this too long to stop a baseball game and check? Do you like the rule or not?

Personally I do, I think that games hinge on simple plays even if they don’t seem significant at the time. Can they speed them up, of course they can. They should start looking at the play immediately so that when the ump comes to the headphones they already know the outcome.

There are very few calls that are very hard to decide in all sports. I was talking to someone the other day that was convinced that we will eventually see a strike and ball zone that is laser adjusted to the players height to call balls and strikes. Personally, I think that is one part of the game that should be left alone.

Pitching Rules For Cards in Opener

I have been looking at a lot of predictions for this season and the Cardinals are on 90% of them as winning the National League again. It is pretty cool to have a team that consistently known as one of the best. I wish we could say that for all of our professional teams  in St. Louis. The Cards win the opener 1-0 even with 3 errors! Not Bad. Adam Wainwright throws 7 shutouts innings and the young guys in the pen get em out just like last October On that note, the Blues are looking great this year. I think I see a Cup in our near future.  Can’t wait for the playoffs.

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