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Now is the Time To Start That Diet To Prepare For Summer Appearance

By Randy Gardner

This is a column that is going to make you stop and think about yourself in a very different way. Every single week I say to myself that I am going to start my diet and start exercising because I’m tired of the way that my clothes fit me.

As soon as the new week comes along nothing happens, my plans just change with me saying that next week I will start my exercise program. Every single one of us look at other people and go wow, I would love to look like that and be able to wear clothes like that. I say the same exact thing every single day.

At the end of every day though, who is really to blame, is it our busy schedules, is our hectic lives, or is it just ourselves. We all say that our lives are so busy that we cannot find 15 or 30 minutes to exercise.

But we can find 15 or 30 minutes extra in a day to surf the Internet, or play on social media, or to sit down and enjoy our favorite TV shows.

Ultimately it is up to us to make a difference, no one else can do it for us, if there truly is no time in the day set your alarm clock a half hour early and get up out of bed and exercise before the family gets up. It’s like anything else in life, you achieve success in your job depending on how much effort you’re willing to put into it.

People are always complaining that they want to be skinnier, they want more money, they want a bigger car, they want a nicer house, but the ones in this world that are willing to put in the dedication, can make that happen.

It is truly hard work and that’s why some achieve more than others. You have to want to make yourself be better and it all starts with you. Every week I say that exact same thing, that this will be the week, but you have to put it in your mind and set the day and make it a routine. Let’s make this summer of 2013 be the summer that we all step up and make those changes that we want to make in our lives.

For me, it’s to get healthy and be healthy so that I can see my children grow up get married and have their children and enjoy being a grandparent. For others it can be any reason at all, just find a motivation and stick with it. How can our children learn from us if we set horrible examples for them.

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