On Memory Lapses And Sports Injuries, Are Both Unavoidable?

By Randy Gardner

If you are over the age of 40, I think you will understand exactly what I am  talking about here. You can be told and reminded to do something and within the  snap of your fingers you can forget about it and do something else.

That is  never more evident than with this column, I’ve been doing it for at least 15  years now and editor Bob Lindsey has to call the remind me almost every week that it is due. You would think by now that I would have it in my memory to just do it every Sunday and  have it ready to go.

But with three kids and a hectic work schedule so many things get in the way and I am easily distracted just like last night when I was  looking forward to watching the Cardinals home opener and again I totally forgot.

As I was flipping through the channels after putting the kids to bed and finishing up some work I stumbled across the game as it was 1-0, Cards in the lead. I fell asleep in the game was over already, I feel I did not miss much as I heard the recap of the game.

There are so many hopeful thoughts about this Cardinals team this year even  though they suffered their handful of injuries. A key one is pitcher Adam  Wainwright who last night looked pretty good until he got hit by the ball, he said he was alright that his glove blocked the line-drive but I think there might be a little more to it.

I think Wainwright feels he has a lot to live up to,  injured or not after signing that huge contract. It’s our luck though as an organization as soon as you sign somebody to a huge contract they get hurt. Let’s hope it’s nothing to worry about. It’s a very long season and so many things can happen. There will be ups and downs and like I always say it only really matters  in September and October. Let’s go Cards.

Many Now Picking Louisville

Onto the world of college  basketball. Did you  see the horrible leg injury over the weekend suffered by another Cardinal, the Louisville kind? If you did not that’s okay as it was one of those injuries that you only need to see you once in your lifetime and  it will affect you with every step you take. A lot of people are hoping that Louisville wins it all  now because of this horrible injury.

How many teams do you still have in your bracket? Just like about 10 years ago when I pick Syracuse to win I am picking Syracuse to win again this year. No specific reason just maybe a lucky  guess.

Finally, as I mentioned every spring make sure to take some time and spend it with your children. Things only happen in their lives sometimes once and you  don’t want to miss it.

I am going through this exact dilemma right now with two events I committed to on the same day. What do you do as a father and as an adult. For  me I am hoping that everybody understands in this situation works itself out.

Most of all though enjoy that you were able to get up today and take a breath and enjoy life. Be passionate about what you do in your family life and what you  do in your work life and everything will be fine. When you are more passionate  about something you tend to try harder and achieve more.


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