Hazelwood’s ‘Mastermind Room Escape’ Evening Planned for Friday, March 11

Hazelwood Parks and Recreation will host a trip to the Mastermind Room Escape “Room of Horror” March 11 from 6 to 10 p.m. Participants must be at least age 18.

Visitors are locked in a room and must use their combined wisdom and reasoning skills to solve riddles and find clues to escape. In the March 11 scenario, a psychotic killer has taken the group hostage and they have 50 minutes to get out before he returns to conduct “experiments” on them. The group’s challenge is to avoid becoming his next victims.

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Hope Cam Learned A Few Lessons After Loss

**Randy Gardner photo**By Randy Gardner

I have heard so many people say that they thought the Super Bowl was a big disappointment. I thought it was fabulous.   The game was not what was expected and I think that’s why many people thought it was bad.

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The Lady with All the Answers At Florissant Civic Center Feb. 28

“Dear Ann Landers”…. For decades, renowned advice columnist Ann Landers answered countless letters from lovelorn teens, confused couples and others in need of advice. No topic was off-limits. Readers grew to love her direct, insightful and often humorously honest responses. Over a long night in 1975 Chicago, “the lady with all the answers” for others grapples with a dilemma of her own. While revisiting favorite columns on everything from nude housekeeping to the correct way to hang toilet paper, Ann composes the most important letter of her life. As she shares her struggles to complete the column with us, we learn as much about ourselves as about the wise, funny, no-nonsense woman whose daily dialogue with America helped shape the social and sexual landscapes of the last half-century.

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Valentine’s Day Luncheon At Old St. Ferdinand Shrine

The Friends of Old St. Ferdinand will host their annual Valentine’s Day Luncheon at the Shrine on Sunday, Feb. 14 at 1:30 p.m. The cost is $15.00 per person. Meals will be served by the Friends’ experienced waiters.

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Council Hears Plan for T-Mobile Towe

Florissant Supports MO.For Geospatial Agency


By Carol Arnett

The Florissant City Council Monday Night unanimously passed a resolution encouraging the decision to locate the new site for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Western Headquarters in North St. Louis. Mayor Tom Schneider cited the jobs created as a good reason for the city to support the project.

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Ferguson Approves DOJ Agreement


FERGUSON, Mo – In a 6-0 vote, Ferguson City Council members voted in favor of a Bill that authorized an agreement, subject to certain conditions, between the City and the Department of Justice. Upon its passage, the Bill becomes an Ordinance and City officials are authorized to execute an amended settlement agreement with the Department of Justice.
Those seven conditions on acceptance are that (i) the agreement contain no mandate for the payment of additional salary to police department or other city employees; (ii) the agreement contain no mandate for staffing in the Ferguson Jail; (iii) deadlines set forth in the agreement are extended; and (iv) the terms of the agreement shall not apply to other governmental entities or agencies who, in the future, take over services or operations currently being provided by the City of Ferguson; (v) a provision for local preference in contracting with consultants, contractors and third parties providing services under the agreement shall be included; (vi) project goals for minority and women participation in consulting, oversight and third party services shall be included; and (vii) the monitoring fee caps in the Side Agreement are changed to $1 million over the first five years with no more than $250,000 in any single year.
The Department of Justice must accept the seven amendments in order for the settlement agreement to be valid. If the Department of Justice accepts the seven amendments, it is expected that the amended settlement agreement will be filed with the federal court in St. Louis for approval by the Federal Judge.
Following months of negotiation with representatives of the Department of Justice, the City of Ferguson received the proposed agreement from the Department on January 26. The City held three community meetings on Feb. 2, 6, and 9, seeking public input from the citizens of Ferguson concerning the agreement.
During the time period for public review and comment, concerns about cost and the comprehensive and far-reaching scale of the agreement were voiced. The conditions of approval address those concerns to some extent.
The historic vote avoids the time and cost of litigation and allows the City to continue its focus to ensure constitutional policing and court practices, and provides these benefits to the citizens of Ferguson.
The agreement is outlined in twenty initiatives and states that the provisions of this agreement are meant to ensure protection of the constitutional and other legal rights of all members of the community, improve Ferguson’s ability to effectively prevent crime, enhance both officer and public safety, and increase public confidence in the Ferguson Police Department (FPD).

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