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Women’s Team Always Seems to do Better than Men’s U.S. Soccer Squad

By Randy Gardner

**Randy Gardner photo**What a week it has been for soccer fans here in the United States or should I say what a crappy week it has been so far. Again, I am writing this column on a day that the team that we want to win is playing, so I have to write about it in a manner that you already know what happened when the column hits your hands or eyes on the web site.

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The Good and the Bad of Summer Movies

Summer Romances and the Movies

by Sandra Olmsted

In the summer, amidst the hopefully blockbuster and the tried-and-true kid flicks, a few romantic films always make an appearance; however, relationships of some kind provide the basis for most films. This summer, some romantic relationship films will be love at first sight; some will slowly heat up; some will cause heartache and tears, and some will fizzle. Sometimes these will refer to the characters and their stories, and sometimes just the films.

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Come to City’s Fireworks Display July 4


Florissant Police Remind Area

Residents Fireworks are Illegal

– The Florissant Police Department is reminding that the Discharge and Possession of Fireworks is illegal in St. Louis County as well as the City of Florissant.

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TEAM Food Pantry Celebrates 30 Years

      Seeks Volunteers,  Donations and Money

     Story and Photos by Nichole Richardson

Florissant’s local food pantry, TEAM, of the Emergency Assistance Ministry, is celebrating its 30-year anniversary and looking for volunteers to help them serve the Florissant and Hazelwood.

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Remember the Fields of Dreams

RecallingTom Amsel North County CYC Baseball

“The one constant, through all the years, Ray, has been baseball.”

So said James Earl Jones as Terrence Mann in the iconic film “Field of Dreams.”

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June 10 Begins Checkpoints

Hazelwood Police Target Impaired

Drivers with Sobriety Checkpoints

Members of the Hazelwood Police Department will be conducting numerous high-visibility DWI sobriety checkpoints throughout the City this upcoming summer. The first checkpoint is scheduled for the weekend of June 10. Several other checkpoints have been scheduled for July and August with plans to supplement them with saturation patrols.

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