Rams Had a Good Draft Even Without Taking Wide Receiver

**Randy Gardner photo**By Randy Gardner

Do you know how you have the best intentions on doing something even if you are told to do them just a few hours before, well that is my life with my column.

Man do I love doing the column and I especially love the feedback I get both negatively and positively but sometimes like today, my column hits the editors desk within 5 minutes of deadline. Certainly I have all week long to write it but why not wait to the last minute. That’s the American way, Right.

It was great to see the Rams get a good draft  in 2014. Even the national media outlets are saying that they did a great job.

Unfortunately though as we get good players in the draft another Rams wide receiver will sit out four games for substance abuse.

How do you abuse this when you know what is right and wrong. I don’t know that much about it but it must be pretty serious for a four-game suspension.

I am excited to see what the Rams will do this year. Even though summer is just starting, Rams camp is not far away.

Will a 5-year-old know how to spell Oshie?

The professional leagues in this country really do know how to market themselves and rake up the money. My middle son is having a birthday and all he wants is a pair of roller blades and a TJ Oshie jersey. We looked at the prices on these jerseys for youths and they range from $50-170. Are they out of their minds? I have looked everywhere on the web and in stores and can’t find a bargain.

Unfortunately, my boy might be getting a Blues jersey from the outlet store, it is the TJ Oshie jersey but Oshie is spelled. OSHEE. Do you think he will notice? He can barely read, he is only in kindergarten. IS that being a bad dad doing something like that, or do I go with just no name at all. Tough call, I only have a few days to decide.

Home Cooking may be Just what the Cards Need

At the beginning of the year, if you would have told me that the Cards would be below .500 after almost 40 games I would have said you are crazy but they are after losing to the Cubs on Monday night. To be fair they have been on the road for most of the season and they are coming home for along home stand that can change the records dramatically.

I guess when you look at a road record being at 500, that’s not all that bad. Like I always say, it’s a long season anything can happen. It seems like we have played the Cubs 20 times so far this year. Is they rivalry dying out, I don’t seem to hear as much about the rivalry anymore or is it that we just feel sorry for them every year and we don’t poke as much fun at them anymore.


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