Rams Make The Last 3 Games Worth Watching

For three weeks in a row, I said I’ve written this column as if it was the early days of the Rams. To sit back and believe that every week now the Rams have a real  chance of winning is a remarkable feat for a team that had one less than 10 games over the past three years.

As I mentioned every week, I truly believe that Jeff Fisher will be the savior of this franchise. That puts a lot of pressure on just one person but he just goes to show you how believing in something from the top down can  make all of the difference.

Do the Rams have a legitimate shot at a playoff berth, maybe maybe not, but it’s good to see that the Rams are any spot that they could make a run with a few lucky breaks from other teams winning or losing.  It makes the last three games more interesting.

I think one of the biggest  differences not only with the fans but with the players is knowing that Coach Fisher is not afraid to take chances, he’ll go for that fourth down in five play on the 50-yard line or he’ll go for  that two-point conversion. These kinds of decisions to make believers out of the team.

With this being the holiday season, I urge you to take into consideration as you go out on the roadways to not drink and drive. I know it is not really my agenda or time or place to tell you what you should or should not do in your life, but as you saw with the Dallas Cowboys and the loss of life of a St. Louis area player,  with drunk driving accidents how many people  can it effect. It is not only your own life you may take by  getting behind the wheel but it’s the life of somebody else or a family member or even a youngster in another car. There are way too many tragedies out there with drinking and driving, so be safe and really think about what you doing during this holiday season and for that fact every day of the year.

Kids Christmas List Have Sure Changed

What has happened to our children’s Christmas list in this day and age, I looked at my son’s wish list and they were all technical type toys that will only allow them to sit on a couch and be lazy.

What has happened to the football, baseball, hockey stick, things that promotes fitness and moving around. How many kids do you see out in neighborhood backyards or at the neighborhood parks playing a game of baseball or football or soccer. Not many anymore.

Very seldom do I see a dad in the backyard playing pitch in catch or hit the ball, or throwing a football with his kid. It’s a shame in this day and age that all kids want to do is sit and play video games. There are more fathers out there who would rather sit down and play a video game with their children and actually go outside and toss I’ll ball with them.

I applaud the parents first of all for spending time with their children because that’s what it’s all about. Let’s open our mind and get back to the way it was when we were young, teach them things that we used to do so they can pass it onto their children in the future.

Those moments with my dad in the backyard with him hitting the ball to me after a long day of him at work are the moments, now that I’m in my 40s,  that I remember most about my childhood.

I try to keep that in mind every time my children asked me to go outside and kick a soccer ball or throw a baseball with them that even though I’m tired these are the things that really make a difference to them. They will remember forever.

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