Rams Need Big Game Just As Cards Start Playoff Run, While Blues Start Season

By Randy Gardner

I was so hyped up just before  watching last Sunday’s St. Louis Rams football game against the Dallas Cowboys. I thought the team had a real chance…that was until  shortly after the game started.   The Rams were lucky to get out of Dallas with their jerseys. The Rams looked like a High School team trying to play in the pro league. I don’t know exactly what it was and I couldn’t put my finger on it but the Rams just couldn’t  execute. They looked like they are playing scared.

At halftime though, teams always makes adjustments and usually plays better but by then it the same old saying— a little too late. I don’t know what to think about this team. I want to route for them every week but the mind over heart scenario is to pick against them.

Knowing Jeff Fisher as a head coach, he is handing it to his players about the lack of execution on offense and on defense it is always just a few big plays that kill the team every week. The team was just 1-2, but  a big win this week at home against   the 49ers  can put the Rams back at .500 and  back on track. A loss though would devastate this team and dig the team into a hole that will be hard to get out of for both the players and the fans. It seemed like just as the franchise was gaining some momentum it gets knocked back down. All I can say is, Lets go Rams Thursday night. At least they’re playing  the 49ers who were also blown out on Sunday and are  1-2 before tonight’s game at the Dome.

Cards in Playoffs as Blues Start Season

As far as the Cardinals go, I don’t know what to say there either. The team will go into the playoffs coming off of a rocky previous month or so. This is a total coin toss. Which one of Mike Matheny’s teams will show up for the post season?

Looking back though at the past, its usually when things are uncertain that the team gathers momentum and nobody can stop their momentum.  Hopefully that will be the case this year. Let’s just sit and cheer and wait to see if the starters in the line and pitching staff are healthy for October baseball.

It’ s somewhat unfortunate that the St. Louis Blues will start at about the same time that the Cards are in the playoffs because the Cards always overshadow the Blues at the beginning of the season. I think the fans are going to be surprised this year as the Blues have one heck of a lineup. Many are picking the team to win the Stanley Cup.

It is so cool to have Brett Hull back in the organization. This is what needs to happen, to have well known players’ support and be part of their franchises at any level in any sport. This will bring the fans out.

I am just hoping that we see that resurgence of soccer at the Pro level with Daryl Doran and the St. Louis Ambush as they start their indoor season next month  at the Family Arena. Great attendance along with the National Matches attendance could get us an MLS franchise. That would be a dream come true for many soccer fans here in St. Louis like me.

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