Rams Pull Out Big Home Win Despite the Pathetic Fill-in Refs

By Randy Gardner 

There are just some things that you can’t skimp on in this world like fake cheerios and definitely not fake referees for the NFL. I don’t care how many college games you have under your belt, these fill in refs are not ready for the NFL.

That is never more apparent than these guys they have in there right now. I know they are trying their hardest but they are severely impacting the results of a lot of games. If I were the players and coaches, I would be irate about this.

Not only are plays being miscalled but someone is going to get hurt. All of this frustration leads to bad penalties. It is almost hard to watch. The holding calls are so evident that are not being called.

We saw it in the Rams game on several plays including the early missed touchdown call.

Why the heck didn’t Coach Fisher throw the red flag is beyond me, and in the holding call when the Redskins scored their touchdown.

I am such a huge fan of Danny Almendola,  even though many say he is to small but look what he is doing for this team—16 catches last week. Look back at some prior articles I wrote and for all of you who laughed at me for talking highly of him, maybe your tune has changed. You have to watch out for the little guy.

Tigers Almost Blew Another

As far as the Missouri Tigers go, they were on their way of giving that the Arizona State game away. I was just sitting and waiting for them to fall apart. What the heck does  Coach Pinkel do when he changes his game plan to get away from things are working. The slant pass across the middle was working all day long and then he abandoned it.

I think the Tigers  could be very good this year but they have to be able to put their foots on the necks of their opponents and hold them down. How about the atmosphere at the Mizzou games now, it seems like it has stepped up 10 fold. It is really cool to see them in PrimeTime on the big channels. Their biggest tests are still yet to come when they go on the road and face some of the big SEC teams in their own places.

Some of you have asked me about how my coaching is going with my little ones lately. As any coach knows it hurts to lose and I am getting my just taste of that feeling. Between my two teams, pre-K and 2nd grade, we are 1-4 with a goal differential of at least 4 per game. Man its frustrating but I love seeing the kids start to learn the game and enjoy it.

So for any other coach in my shoes keep your heads up and for coaches that have the opposite problem where they can’t lose, keep us in mind; play with some sportsmanship and be understanding.

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