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Rams Surprised Me In A Good Way; Enjoy The Holiday Moments

**Randy Gardner photo**By Randy Gardner

If you read my column frequently, you know that I am a pretty simple guy. I work, I spend time with my family, I work, I spend time with my family and the cycle continues like that day after day.

I wish for a lot of things though, not material things but things that the Holiday Season bring like love and happiness for everyone. I always talk about loving your family and loving what you do for a living and they combine to make for a better life. Take some time this Holiday Season and enjoy the moment, forget about your worries and truly enjoy. Don’t worry about who got who what, or how much that present costs, just stop and hug your loved ones and say I love you to them.

I kinda got off track from my original thought which was that I wished last week for the Rams to play better and show some pride. I guess I won’t be getting anything for Christmas because my wish was granted as the Rams laid one  on the Saints. I thought the score was mistyped when I turned it on in the 2nd Quarter.

Let’s call it like it really is, the Saints just plain played bad and the Rams capitalized on their mistakes. That is what sports and life are all about, capitalizing and making the best of something when you can. The Rams almost gave it away at the end though. The Dome went from 1999 crowd noise levels to 2011 crowd noise levels instantly

Fortunately time was on the Rams side and they  got the big win. Unfortunately though, the win will not get the Rams  into the playoffs no matter what happens. Is this record okay in your mind for this team? What I have heard is about 50/50 from the fans. I think a win next weekend would slant it to about 75/25 saying “good season”.

As I wrap us this year of 2013, I think my 16th year of writing this column, I am very grateful for the longevity, I want to thank all of the wonderful individuals who stop and will say, I enjoy your column— that means a lot to me.

Parents: Remember They are Still Kids

Some disagree with what I have to say but honestly the most commented about columns are the ones about youth sports and the crazy parents behind them. I watched a very disturbing show on HBO about four parents who are pushing their kids in sports. As you know I hate the aspect of parents living through their kids, these parents had me so furious I want to look up there numbers and call them.

These parents would just berate the kids before, during and after the games and practices about everything from performance to attitude. The kids were so torn up, it hurt me to watch. One parent correlated his spending on money to train his kid in private academies to two Ferraris.

I know most of you out there want the best for your kids in life, sports and school but you have to lay off, the most successful people in life are the ones that are allowed to create their own path through trust and hard work and the word “ Encouragement.”  Lets all think about this heading into the new year. If you are this person, “Stop”  and if you know someone like this, “Talk”  to them about the subject in a nice way. Be careful though, you might be wishing for some  two-front teeth for Christmas. Happy Holidays to you and your family.


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