Rams Win Over Jags is 1st Step to Respectability

By Randy Gardner

Is it an extraordinary event when you win a game that you are expected to win? This would be the case for the St. Louis Rams. Yes, they did look great on both sides of the ball this past week against Jacksonville, but doesn’t everybody look good against the Jaguars?

The Jags  play the Denver Broncos this upcoming weekend and they are expecting Peyton Manning to sit half he game. What is this a JFL game. Let him get in there and run up his numbers. At this level, I don’t think there is any such thing as running the score up.

If you lose big, you are a professional, man up and realize that more is needed from you and your team.  The Rams need a couple of big wins to change the mindset of the fans again. A victory over Houston on Sunday would help.

Cards Rule Fan Base when in the Playoffs

On the other side, I don’t think that most St. Louis sports fans give two toots of a horn about what the Rams do as long as the Cardinals are in the playoffs. As you read this, the Cards might not be in the playoffs. It was a complete blowout in game one and two, which I think really hurt the Cards on the mental side of the game by losing at home. I always talk about mental aspects to life and sports and you can see that perspective is so true as far as momentum swings.

You knew as soon as the Cards blew out the Pirates in that first game that everyone thought this would be a cakewalk. Fortunately this team never gives up. You look up and down this lineup and yes we do have a few big name stars, but we also have a lot of rookies, mostly pitchers. and no namers that are pulling their weight and more. Its exciting no matter what happens.

Everybody keeps asking me how my kids are doing in soccer, as any parent or coach knows out there by now. The season is a long hard road paved with pebbles of gold sometimes. There are some great moments and some head scratches both in practice and games.

Most teams are about six games into the league season whether it is football, soccer or Fall baseball and the practice is starting to pay off. Kids are starting to understand concepts of the game for the level that they are playing age wise.

It’s so cool to see a player execute something that you have been teaching for weeks. It is like a light bulb in the brain went off and they realize, hey that works. Keep remembering coaches—these are kids and they need to have a good time while learning their sport and not all kids develop at the same rate. Be patient, who knows, that kid who  you are unsure about could become the next superstar with a little quality  mentoring. Just look up the Michael Jordan path to stardom after being cut from his High School Team

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