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Randy Gardner column Aug. 1

I’ve Said it in the Past, But

Rams Looking Really

Good This Training Camp

Every year at about this time, I always say that the Rams are looking really good but this year  I really mean it. If you look at the rookies that this team has brought in, they’re far ahead of years past.

Looking back at the veterans, it is hard to believe that we now call Jake Long a veteran, it seems like he just got into the league but that is how fast time flies. Sam Bradford is almost in that veteran status position right now. Veteran can be used loosely in the NFL with an average span of a player being about three years. After one year, you are on the verge of being a veteran.

The team has a good blend of old and young right now

and you know that I love the         coaching style of Jeff Fisher; he is one of our most valuable assets. It will be all for not though if the team doesn’t have a winning record this year and the fans don’t come out and support the franchise.

With the lease option at the dome up and the improvements seemingly not going to be met, we as fans might miss out on another long term franchise here in St. Louis. That would be a shame. All I can say is get out and support the Rams this year.

Cardinals Still Top Pro Sports Franchise

A franchise that you really doesn’t have to worry about being around for years to come is the St. Louis Cardinals. There are always some rough spots in the road of a long season and the team is hitting them right now, because they are not hitting ( at least prior to Tuesday’s doubleheader). I think the key is to stay level headed and continue to do what got the team to where they are now, good pitching and consistent hitting.

Level Headed is a loosely used term too, as David Ortiz showed fans and kids around the country what it is like to act like a fool on a playing field. He was called out at the plate while he was batting and the went into the dugout and took a bat and slammed the phone into pieces on the wall and then headed out to the umpire.

In a world where we are trying to teach our kids respect and gamesmanship, there is no room for this. I really hope that Major League Baseball and the commissioner step up to the plate and suspend him for this. I know these guys are playing for their living and things get heated up but there is no need for this public display that everyone can see. It is outrageous and should not be tolerated at any level in any sport.

Finally to all parents who have stepped up and coached their kids ball teams during the summer and are now getting ready for Fall soccer, I applaud you. Being a coach takes alot of time and patience and is done for free,

Remember, you are life long teachers of these children of lessons that they will keep forever. Some of the most influential people in my life were my coaches. Everytime you open your mouth, the kids are listening, you are an example. Be a good one.

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