Remember Opening Day For All the Pageantry And Not the Final Score

By Randy Gardner

I am starting to believe that some people (fans) have lost their minds. I am listening to talk radio and people are calling and saying that this season is basically over for the Cardinals. As I write this Tuesday, we are seven games into the season and the Cards are 3-4. Sarcastically speaking, I am not sure we have enough games left in the season to come back from this huge deficit.

I guess that’s what makes this world great, everybody has his or her own opinion. Is this truly a .500 ball club like a lot of people are saying, I don’t think so? We have a strong farm system that ultimately will step up and help us out through the season.

Looking at it realistically, we did get blown away in the home opener in extra innings in front of a sellout crowd. Probably not the best situation to happen but certainly not the worst.

Is opening date only about winning or losing, or is it about the pageantry of the team starting a new season?

When you look around the league and realize that there are only a few teams in the league that do anything close to what is done here on opening day, we should certainly appreciate what we have. When we parade the Cardinal Hall of Famers around the field at the beginning of the game in the red jackets and bring all of the players out and circle the stadium, that is truly awesome. It makes the hair stand up on your arms, if you’re a true Cardinals fan or not.

If you have not been to a Cardinals game at the new stadium, take the opportunity and take your family to a game. There are all prices of seats that fit every budget but it’s an experience like nothing else with the green grass and the atmosphere with the sounds of the game. There are about 155 games left in the season, I truly think that everything will be okay.

On to the pageantry of what makes sports great, I always talk about it not being about the final score or who wins or loses. This is never more evident than with blues goalie Brian Elliot. This guy had a bad stretch in his career lately and was sent down to the minors and most people thought that he would never see the NHL again, but due to injury he was brought back up and now he is on fire.

These are the stories that make sports the great life lesson that it truly can provide. It’s truly about the never say die or give up attitude that can be taught at all levels.

Louisville-Michigan Game a Classic

Talking about the pageantry of sports and rooting for a team because of a specific incident, how about Louisville in the national championship basketball game. After the horrific injury to a key player, the team rallies and beats Michigan in a great national championship basketball game. It was close the whole way and even if you are not a basketball fan it kept your interest till the end. The game truly lived up to the hype, too bad all championship games in any sport cannot be as exciting as that game.


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