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Rotary Club Installs 10 New Bike Racks in Old Town Florissant

The Rotary Club of Florissant has recently completed the installation of ten new bicycle racks to accommodate increased bicycle traffic in Historic Old Town Florissant.  This project was funded by Rotary International with matching funds from the local club.

According to Florissant Rotary Club president Howard Nimmons, he and his fellow Rotarians noticed more and more cyclists riding into Old Town with no place to park their bikes.  The Rotarians weren’t the only ones with this observation.  Mayor Tom Schneider had been contemplating the same idea and was very enthusiastic when approached with an idea that did not require any city funding.

Mayor Schneider believes the increase in bicycle traffic is coming from the Old Town Florissant Trail on the Sunset Greenway completed by Great Rivers Greenway District and the City of Florissant in 2010.  Mayor Schneider said  that “the Old Town area offers shops, restaurants and other attractions such as the recently renovated St Ferdinand Shrine that are terrific destinations for the riders.

“ The bike racks provide cyclists a safe place to park and lock their bikes while enjoying the Old Town Florissant atmosphere.”

“We selected key spots throughout Old Town and near the park,” says Nimmons. Locations include the Shrine, Fritz’s Frozen Custard, Delish Bakery and Café, the tennis courts, City Hall, Stem’s Florist and Gifts and Citizens Bank.

“It is great to see the increased bicycle traffic,” says Nimmons. “As the weather warms up, we are sure to see more. The Sunset Greenway is a wonderful asset to our community—it is great for business and it is great for the health of our residents. The Rotary is pleased to be able to provide these bike racks to accommodate visitors from near and far. “

Established in 1960, the Rotary Club of Florissant is an organized and enjoyable way for civic-minded executives and professionals to contribute their skills and talents to the progress of North County, and to the needy areas of the world. Visit  website


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