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Sports Just Won’t Do It As an Escape After the Connecticut Shootings

By Randy Gardner

It is really difficult  to sit down and write about something like sports when the country is in the state that it is in after the tragic shootings in Connecticut. I know that we always say that sports are an escape from reality but they cannot take us far enough from this reality.

As every day passes, I think it actually gets harder for everyone including everyone who has small children. I have seen some very disturbing things in the line of work I am in but this by far has been the hardest to grasp.

I think it is so touching to everyone because they were children and we have children of our own and we cannot imagine the terror in that situation. All I can say is God bless those children and the families.

To the teachers that stood in harm’s way to protect the kids, they were truly heroes in this world. I always say to stop and hug your children and love them to the fullest every day. Hug them a little bit tighter this week and tell them that you love them.

Rams Let Golden Opportunity Slip Away

The Rams had a chance and let it slip away. They were in the playoff hunt all the way till this past week and let Adrian Peterson basically rip it away from them on several big plays. The Rams tried to close the gap late but just like all season, tackling and coverage on passes are terrible.

How about Danny Amendola’s spike that hit the usher in the face and broke his glasses? There is a time and place for spiking the ball and celebrating but not when you are losing that badly.

Basically now, the Rams have to play for pride. They accomplished a lot this year, I think way more than most people expected. They will be fine as long as we the fans stand behind this team. The Rams will not reach the playoffs for the 8th consecutive season, the leagues 4th longest playoff drought.

As I wrap up this column, in reference to the opening paragraph, let’s remember what the season is all about. It is about loving one another and our families. It’s not about how much we can spend on presents and gifts. It is truly about absorbing the love that our friends and families give to us.

Stop and think about this as you sit around this Holiday season. Try to do just one nice thing everyday for your spouse and your kids. What a difference it can make in your life. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

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