Story of My Life Lately—I Keep Missing the Moment

By Randy Gardner

Here is my luck in this world. I miss the entire first 100 plus minutes of the Olympic Women’s Soccer game against Canada. I finally wrestle the remote from my 8 and 4- year- old and flip on the game only to look forward to the greatest ending ever and guess what.

That’s right, every man knows the drill, come on lets go, don’t just set in front of the TV my wife says. So with about four minutes left in overtime I figured it would go to penalty kicks and it would be another 1/2 hour or so. We left and this morning I read in the paper that the women scored near the end of overtime to advance. How cool that would have been to see that in real time.

That is the story of my life, these days. I miss the best parts of it either because I am not living in the moment or I get pulled out of  the moment for some reason.

That is one  thing that I am trying my best to do in life right now, is to live in the moment. There are so many great things that have happened to me in my life but I have not relished it because I was always looking forward to tomorrow.

This is the lesson that I think more of us need to learn to be better at. How many of us say, I cant wait for the kids to walk or talk or get out of the house and we spend the rest of our lives wanting those moments back.

This is what I tell people about their lives too, life is short enjoy what you do. Fortunately, I love what I do for a living, I have a great boss and great work companions and everyone is very supportive at the Cable channel.

This allows me to grow and put my best foot forward, when I look at others who hate their jobs or lives, I hate to see it. Your choices are up to you. I equate this to the Albert Pujols situation. Everyone thought that he had everything, the love of the fans and all of the money in the world, but it wasn’t right for him. He made the choice to move on. Was it the right move, who knows? For him though, it was the best, or so it seems.

As I wrap up this column, I just want to say that I am so proud to be an American when I watch the Olympics, it truly brings out the Olympic spirit in all of us, especially me. They should have them every year in some way shape or form. Maybe this would stop the fighting in this world. This could be one way that everyone could come together. It is amazing how sports can make everything better in this world. This is a heads up to anybody who wants to take sports out of the academic experience.

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