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Sunday’s After Game Sherman Antics Help Manning & Broncos

**Randy Gardner photo**Well, the big game is set. It’s the Broncos and the Seahawks as you well know. Going into the games last week there were so many story lines that I had reasons why I wanted each team to win but after the games unfolded I have all new reasons to root for a certain team.

Unfortunately, it all comes down to one play and one specific event. I think you all know what I am talking about and that is the Sherman comments after the Seahawks game, yelling on TV in the postgame interview about him being the best and that they should challenge him.

If I am Peyton Manning and the Broncos, my game plan is to make this guy look like a fool. Everything I talk about as a coach and as a columnist was challenged in 15 seconds of an idiotic rant.

Sherman now comes out and apologizes and tries to defend himself by saying what happened but the damage is already done.

Sherman is a graduate of Stanford with an 4.0 average but you have to realize that as a player that stupid stuff like this gives the opposing team fuel to beat you. I know that as a player you are hyped up but as an adult you have to realize your boundaries. Remember in this world, what comes around goes around and when you taunt that you are the best, you set yourself to fail.

It is the quiet leader, the quiet winner that is respected. Act like you’ve been there before. It was a disgrace in the world of sportsmanship. For that reason, I want the Broncos to win. Then again Sherman plays for Seattle, Rams’ hated rival Either way, I think this will be a really good Super Bowl.

Too bad the Game is in New York

The other part of the NFL Big Game that is unfortunate is that it is in New York. Why the heck is the NFL putting the game in a cold weather climate? There are multiple negative reasons, but number one is the weather. With cold weather games, the game The big different, not a lot of passing but running. There are also multiple headaches in terms of travel and not letting the people tailgate. It just seems like all negatives including if the weather is really bad, moving the game time or even game day.

If they want to do something unique and beneficial, move the game to Saturday so that people can enjoy the next day off work after a long night of enjoying the game. Simple but effective. That’s too simple though.

Men Wait for Olympic Skating & Hockey

I am so excited about the Olympics starting in two weeks. This is the time that even the manliest of men enjoy ice skating or should I say Ice Dancing. The entire aura around the Olympic games is awesome. I can’t wait to see the Hockey as there are a lot of Blues players playing for their respective countries. Oh by the way, on an ending note, how are those New Years Resolutions coming along?

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