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Too Many Excuses at This Year’s Super Bowl

By Randy Gardner

I am already sick of the excuses for everything imaginable that happened in the Super Bowl. From the power going out to the horrible play calling by the 49ers.

Let’s start off with the game itself which has almost become a side show to the entire event. It was exciting at the end but up until the lights went out it was very uneventful unless you were a Raven fan. Was the light fiasco all a ploy of the NFL to slow the game down and change the momentum?

Some would say so. Whoever or whatever happned to pull the plug, well it certainly worked in the 49ers favor. You could just see that coming.

If you were a Raven player, you are up by three touchdowns, just scored on the first play of the half, how could you not relax and start thinking about that trip to Disneyworld.

As far as play calling, the 49ers had first and goal and threw the ball three times when they had a quarterback  who had just run for a ton of yards. Yes the play in the end zone  near the end of the game was a hold, but the coach had to also blame himself for some terrible play calls. Every game has controversy but lets really call it as it is, it’s a game of high dollar entertainment.

The other news from the Super Bowl that is getting a ton of publicity if Joe Flaco using a bad word on TV. He did not do it on purpose, it was caught on a field camera seconds after he just won the biggest game of his life. Is cursing right or wrong, that is for each person to decide for themselves.

Don’t blame Flaco for this, just think if a camera followed you around and watched your every move, don’t you think that it would probably catch something that you would do that would be offensive to others. There are so many more problems in this world like hunger, cancer, and abuse that we could focus our attention to rather than to worry about this.

Another point on this, is it bad because you heard it or because it happened?  You can watch any sporting event on any weekend and you can read the lips of players and coaches in close up shots that say every word in the book and it is plain as day.

Commercials Weaker This Year

The other angle that everyone talks about is the commercials. Did you like them this year. I actually felt they were a bit weak for the Super Bowl. The smartest companies yet and marketing people were the ones that said they were pulling their commercials from the game before the game itself. How many radio shows talked about this and drive people to websites to see these commercials for FREE. No  $3 million dollar commercial game fees. That was genius marketing.

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